How to Build an EasyF450 Fpv Quadcopter




There are probably more newbies out there anxiously looking for guidance, tips and actionable hints to help them enjoy this amazing hobby safely than ever before in history. That is due to the fact that last Christmas was the first year when one of top stocking stuffing choices was drones.

It makes sense after all, you have bought the new iPhone last year, the new iPad the year before, you ran out of ideas and your beloved spouse is a technophile. You can not go back to a scarf or socks and the media is blasting drones, drones, drones. Of course you will buy a multi copter. And that is a good choice as long as the on receiving it handles it in a safe and liable manner. So I feel that instead of mocking newbies (or “noobs” as some like to call them), we should help them as much as we can. After all we must also remember the first day we handled a transmitter and flew for the first time. We have not been confident at all and had to make mistakes in order to learn to fly drones. Anyone denying that is lying. Probably to himself also. Nobody is born with an inherent knowledge of flying copters. Whether you’re an aspiring aerial videographer, a land surveyor, construction site mapper, wildlife tracker, or simply an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / drone hobbyist, let’s be honest—there are few greater things in life than owning your own drone. Right? Seriously…the most fun (building your very first one) this guide helps you to do so we are going to build an f450 sized quad today which can be later transformed into various uses and ideas which we will talk about later so lets build your very first drone!!!!!!


Step 1: Parts Needed for the Quadopter

  • most of the parts included in this guide can be purchased at your near home supermarket,hobby store,amazon and bangood
  • The Frame

Every quad copter or other multi rotor aircraft needs a frame to house all the other components. Things to consider here are weight, size, and materials.We recommend the DJI FlameWheel F450 or one of the many clones. This is a great quadcopter is strong, light, and have a sensible configuration including a built-in power distribution board (PDB) that allows for a clean and easy build. There are also a ton of spare parts and accessories available from many different websites. There are also a ton of clones out there, most of which include the same built-in PDB and durable construction as the original.

  • Motors

The motors have an obvious purpose: to spin the propellers. There are tons of motors on the market suitable for quadcopters,Motors are rated by kilovolts, and the higher the kV rating, the faster the motor spins at a constant voltage. When purchasing motors, most websites will indicate how many amps the ESC you pair it with should be and the size of propeller you should use. We have found that a 1000kV motor is a good size to start with.

  • Electronic Speed Controls

The electronic speed control, or ESC, is what tells the motors how fast to spin at any given time. You need four ESCs for a quad copter, one connected to each motor. The ESCs are then connected directly to the battery through either a wiring harness or power distribution board. Many ESCs come with a built in battery eliminator circuit (BEC), which allows you to power things like your flight control board and radio receiver without connecting them directly to the battery. Because the motors on a quad copter must all spin at precise speeds to achieve accurate flight, the ESC is very important. mostly try to get a motor paired with a esc

  • Flight Controller

The flight control board is the ‘brain’ of the quad copter. It houses the sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers that determine how fast each of the quad copter's motors spin. Flight control boards range from simple to highly complex. A great flight control board for first time quad copter builders is the CC3D It is affordable, easy to set up, and has strong functionality. It can handle just about any type of multirotor aircraft so if you later want to upgrade to a hexacopter or experiment with a tricopter, you won’t need to purchase another board.cc3d works with a software called librepilot

  • Radio Transmitter and Receiver

The radio transmitter and receiver allow you to control the quad copter. There are many suitable models available, but you will need at least four channels for a basic quad copter We recommend using a radio with 8 channels, so there is more flexibility for later projects that may require more i used flysky fsct6b its cheap and affordable has a good range and works like a charm usually the transmitter and reciever are paired together remember after you purchase them you must bind them before mounting it on the quad

  • Propellers

A quad copter has four propellers, two “normal” propellers that spin counter-clockwise, and two “pusher” propellers that spin clockwise. The pusher propellers will usually be labeled with an ‘R’ after the size. For the quad copter configuration in this post, we’re using 9×4.7 props. This is a good size for the motors and ESCs we’re using.and provides a good amount of thrust investing in good high quality props leads to better stability and flight time of the aircraft investing a few more dollars on these is a good option

  • Battery

Quad copters typically use LiPo batteries which come in a variety of sizes and configurations. We typically use 3S1P batteries, which indicates 3 cells in parallel. Each cell is 3.7 volts, so this battery is rated at 11.1 volts. LiPo batteries also have a C rating and a power rating in mAh (which stands for milliamps per hour). The C rating describes the rate at which power can be drawn from the battery, and the power rating describes how much power the battery can supply. Larger batteries weigh more so there is always a tradeoff between flight duration and total weight. A general rule of thumb is that doubling the battery power will get you 50% more flight time, assuming your quad copter can lift the additional weight.for this project you will need a 2200mah lipo 11.1v battery

  • summary

Those are the major components that you need to build a quad copter. There are hundreds of possible configurations, which can make the process of choosing parts confusing for someone new to the hobby. Hopefully this list has provided some clarity.

Step 2: Assemble the Parts

assembling the part is the point where we star the actual drone build before starting the project please read and fully understand about the parts that we are going to assemble here

  • take the bottom plate of the quad copter f450 frame and solder the esc positive and negative leads to the pdb
  • now fix the arm of the quad copter to the bottom plate of the drone
  • place your flight controller in the center and make sure to faace the board in the forward direction
  • generally f450 comes with 2 arms red coded and 2 arms white coded you can use any of them as you front forward facing arms
  • connect the plug pin or xt60 female pin on the pdb
  • connect the esc pwm cables to the flight controller as shown in the image m1,m2,m3,m4
  • attach the motors to the arm of the quad and connect them to the esc with bullet connectors
  • make sure to connect the middle wire(yellow)to the center wire of the esc this id the signal wire and must not be mixed
  • fix the upper plate to the drone and tighten the screws also make sure to ziptie the esc and other extended cables properly connect the receiver to the flight control board
  • your quad copter is now ready to be programmed

Step 3: Programming

programiing the drone is the most time taking task as it requires a lot of testing the values but still is one of the easiest part.

  • take a laptop and install librepilot app


  • connect the cc3d to your laptop or computer and open the program follow the onscreen setup wizard it should look like this

video tutorial

  • after that go outside and test your drone if it is not stable or controls are wrong dont panic
  • if you have done the setup wizard correctly you have to now change the stabilization settings the pid but in this case we will only use p which is proportional as we will be flying in attitude mode for more information on pid see the link below

pid tuning
pid theory and how to tune it

once you have done that your quad copter is ready

Step 4: Finished My Quadcopter Now What

finished your quadcopter !!! now wha???

the answer to this question lies in you imagination and the extent of creativity in you quadcopter build like this are not only limited to lesiure flying,house prop,or just to build so that you could have some fun. unlike the past recent years where all people used to think that these were hitech gadgets where noone would ever afford them.and even dint know what a quadcopter is here are some of the ideas for your drone build which you could start away right now and to spark the creator in you

  • drones can be used to race with high speed frames and motors drones can race and it is already popular like the world drone racing league(WDRL)you can practice drone racing with an fpv setup
  • fpv setup with this you can see what the drone sees the camera on the drone broadcasts what it sees on a live frequency in which you can tap in so you get real time feed with low latency fpv stands for first person view the best way to do fpv and practice drone racing is to get a minimal setup which includes a micro fpv camera and a mobile fpv receiver.
  • you can use quads to fertilize your plants or large areas of field in short amount of time like the agras mg-1
  • use your quad to transport items
  • use your quad to clean leaves or dust on the floor
  • use your fpv camera setup drone to help people in a natural calamity or in case of a fire
  • attach a GPS sensor and do professional photography
  • attach a ultrasonic sensor with raspberry pi and create obstacle avoidance drone
  • create a weather station with raspberry pi in the air
  • etc...limits to your imagination


Step 5: My First Flight Test

my first flight was way better than i expected i had given all the values right. there was only little oscillation which i looking forward to correct the stabilization check out my video of the hover test



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