How to Grow Fresh Garlic




Have you ever wished to grow garlic yourself? well read this and you will know.

Step 1: Get a Garlic Seed.

break up the garlic and get one seed out just like in the picture above.

Step 2: Place You Seed in a Moist Place

place your seed in a moist place, i prefer to use whet cloth and put the seed inside.

Step 3: Wait Till a Sprout Cuts Out From the Seed

when you see something that starts to get out from the seed you need to cerfuly plant the garlic into a wet soil.

Step 4: Final Step

when your garlic has fully grown you can pick it out and eat, but leave one seed for the new garlic. you can indentify a fully grown garlic if it looks like the ones that are on the picture.



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    you can plant it in the fall too. it'll get a head start on it's root system, and sprout very early in the spring. it's tough stuff. cold doesnt bother it at all.


    1 year ago

    We discovered the hard way that garlic is invasive and hard to kill. Once it starts to spread, you are in deep stinky yard junk.

    2 replies

    cut the scapes (flower stalks) off when they start to form. you'll get no seeds or bulblets, and it won't spread.
    or are you thinking of garlic mustard?


    Reply 1 year ago

    set your compost bin on top of the spot for a year. LOTS of hot green grass.