How to Make Fanny Pack ,Stationery Bag From Old Jeans




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In this tutorial I am using a old jeans which were just sitting in my cabinet for years I thought why not I use it to make something which could be useful for me like holding Stationery,currency ,change ,cellphones,tools.I am giving it a two option at which it could be used as fanny pack or just a Stationery Bag.

If you don't understand something please watch the video.

Step 1: Things and Tools

1x old jeans

1x belt

1x Felcro about 1 meter

1x scissors

1x cotton string

1x sewing needle

1x sewing machine (optional )

Step 2: Taking Dimension and Sewing

take 10 incehs from down to up and cut it down and cut again from the edge of border ,flip half from the downside and take 7 inches and turn it upside down and then sew the right and left sides flip it again outside the bag is ready but we have to attach Velcro over it's closing position.

Step 3: Attaching the Velcro

Cut out the size of velcro of both parts attach one of it on to the opening area and another on to the closing area of topside.

Step 4: Giving It a Support

Cut out the edge from the jeans near the pockets and cut them in 5 inches lenght apart and sew then under a 2 inches gap in them so the belt can be go in it and could be worn as a fanny pack,now put stationary,cellphones, currency,change etc in it and carry them around hassle free.

Please watch the video if you don't understand and also also vote this instructable in this contest.



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    1 year ago

    good idea. it would be perfect for carrying dogs treats on walks

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