How to Make Ghee From Butter



-Ghee is clarified butter made by seperating milk proteins from the pure healthy fats creating a flavourful and delicious fat for cooking.

-Ghee is considered as"Liquid gold" and is great source of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin k and is great for teeth,hair,skin and nails.

-Ghee gives nice flavour to many dishes especially indian sweets and dals.

We need to take 250g unsalted butter for preparing ghee


Step 1: Procedure for Making Ghee

-Heat the butter in vessel on medium low flame and allow to melt it slowly.Keep stirring and butter slowly melts down.

Step 2: Allow Butter to Boil

-Once it has melted down allow the butter to boil-there will be sound during this process and after some time you can see butter becomes frothy

-Entire process should be done on low medium flame to prevent burning

Step 3: Froth Will Collect at the Top

-Within few minutes froth is collected at top

Step 4: Color Turns to Light Brown Ghee

-Slowly the color turns to light brown ghee and we get nice smell of ghee.

-Strain it using metal strainer and store in container.

Step 5: Enjoy Ghee

-After some time it solidifies and changes to yellowish color. Enjoy ghee with dal curries and your favourite dishes.



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