How to Make Rasengan Naruto Real Life

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today show how to rasengan naruto real life to know how to do this project and just watch the video or follow the steps, do not forget to leave your LIKE the video, sign up in the channel part is encouraged my work, watching video will help me finance my next project which is even more impressive,

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Step 1:

necessary materials

1 ball of transparent acrylic

1 pen

1 little engine

4 blue leds

2 switch on, off

4 coin batteries 3v

1 9V battery

1 9V battery socket

Step 2:

drill a hole in the acrylic ball after docking the pen barrel

Step 3:

connect two LEDs and paste into one part of the ball of acrylic

Step 4:

in the acrylic ball que puts the pen barrel drill a hole and paste the switch on, off

Step 5:

connect the other two LEDs is near Paste switch

Step 6:

Do all the links of the LEDs of both sides of the ball,
take the 3V batteries and turn on the LEDs,

paste the batteries on the ball to not be swinging

Step 7:

close the ball,

make a play for the hand, you can use a piece of iron, cardboard, platico.

paste the little engine on the part for the hand,

Step 8:

call the little engine in the socket for battery,

turn on the switch,

Paste it on a piece of wood or cardboard

place the 9v battery to start the engine

Step 9:

gift arm
snap the ball on the motor shaft, (the barrel of the pen fits the little engine shaft) call leds call the little engine to start spinning ready finalized if you doubt watch the video or leave your question Make sure Subscribe !!! Thanks in advance If you like this design, please, please vote for me in CONTEST



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    5 Discussions

    Great, but u should make the lights spin. There is another instrucatable that did this, it is off on color, but looks more like raesengan, instead of a sphere, they just made the lights spin. Other than that, great job!


    Question 1 year ago

    Where did you get these supplies?


    Question 1 year ago on Step 8

    where did you get all of this stuff?


    1 year ago

    Okay so your Rasengan is much better than the other You-Tuber i watched it looks like a real Rasengan but i still need to make it i can ask my dad to help me build it or my old tech teacher to help build. Thank u for this

    Obsidian Man

    2 years ago

    Best version I have seen. I'll have to make one some day.