How to Make Simon Says Using ATtiny13a and Mini Breadboard.




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I made the game that I used 12 LED for in ATtiny13a.
The memory of ATtiny13a is very little with 1KB.I tried the challenge I make games in 1 KB.
I made very small Simon Say using ATtiny13a and the mini breadboard.


Step 1: Circuit Diagram

    Circuit diagram is using a large breadboard :-)


    1x ATtiny13a
    1x Mini breadboard
    1x CR2025 CR2032 3v button battery holder
    1x 10K resistor
    1x 1.1K resistor
    1x 2.4K resistor
    1x 8.2K resistor
    4x Button(Tactile switch)
    4x 3mm LED
    Blue LED requires a high voltage . It will not emit light immediately .
    Jumper wire

    Step 2: Sketch

    I wrote in a program at ATtiny13a using Arduino IDE used version 1.06 and Arduino core for Attiny13.
    Sketch (Arduino source code.)

    Fuse bit :hFuse = 0xFF, lFuse= 0x7A
    (interne 9.6 MHz clock)

    Step 3: ATtiny13a Put on the Mini Bread Board.

    Please note the orientation of the ATtiny13a.

    Step 4: Buttons

    Please note the orientation of the button .

    Step 5: Resistor

    It does not work and choose a different resistance .
    Please choose the correct resistance . Or modify the sketch .

    Step 6: LEDs

    Please choose your favorite color of 3mmLED.
    Blue LED requires a high voltage . Recommended red LED and yellow LED is .

    Step 7: Jumper Wire

    Carefully so as not mistaken .

    Step 8: CR2025 CR2032 3v Button Battery Holder


    Step 9: Assembling Video.

    have fun :-)



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      Reply 2 years ago

      I appreciate your comments:-)


      2 years ago

      Worked great! I changed some of the times in the code to make the game faster :)

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