How to Make a Custom Joy Con Grip





Introduction: How to Make a Custom Joy Con Grip

Hi, welcome to my first Instructable! Feel free to add any advice or constructive criticism in the comments, anything is appreciated.

So, you've come here to learn how to make a custom joy con grip. Here I will detail how to do each step individually, but you can also watch the video for the whole thing.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project you will need:

  1. Your Joy Con grip
  2. A tri wing screwdriver
  3. A phillips head screwdriver
  4. Some tape/A hot glue gun
  5. And two neodymium magnets

Step 2: Unscrew the Eight Visible Screws

There are eight visible screws on the grip, you need to use your tri wing screwdriver to do this. After that remove the grip portion

Step 3: Remove the Rest of the Screws and Take It Apart

Remove the last six screws of the grip.

Step 4: Remove Ridges and Sand

Test where you want your magnets to go and sand/cut away the ridges, after that test again, It's better to have more than less cut away.

Step 5: Place Magnet and Reassemble Grip Portion

After you've removed the required ridges place the magnet and fasten it to the grip with tape or hot glue, then snap closed

Step 6: Place Last Magnet

Put the top part of the grip onto the bottom and let the magnet place itself in the grip (it should hold the case by itself), then glue/tape to the case

Step 7: Reassemble the Grip

And finally put the screws back but DON'T put the ones in that hold the bottom and top together, And you're done!

As far as I can tell this has no connectivity problems although that may differ based on your controller and magnets that you use

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