How to Make a Wooden Cocktail Shaker in a Unique Way




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In my previous project, I made a wood cocktail glass in a unique way. So I tried making a wooden cocktail shaker this time. It wouldn’t be practical more than a metal one, but I have never seen shakers made from wood, so I made it. There is one more reason that I made this is I would like someone to try making a wood shaker with a lathe. I know it’s much easy to make that compared to my method, but unfortunately I don’t have it. I would like to see people making something different and new with the lather and I hope to see more better wood shakers.

Step 1: Wood Dowels & Rattan Strips

Prepare wood dowels and rattan strips.

1. Drill a hole in a dowel.

2. Cut off from the dowel and sandpaper the surface.

3. Cut another dowel for rolling up rattan strips.

Step 2: Make Parts With Rattan Strips

Roll up the strips around small piece of the dowel. After finished rolling up, form each parts and then apply urushi to make them harden. You can see how to form on my YouTube.

Step 3: Make Pour Spout and Joint Parts of Body & Strainer

Use rice glue-urushi (100% natural organic) to adhere each parts.

Step 4: Finish

Finish with applying urushi over and over again to make it practial.

Step 5: Time to Drink

Now you can enjoy cocktails. I really don't know how to use shaker... but I made Bloody Mary with this shaker. Please check my YouTube!



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    10 months ago

    Interesting technique and it looks great! I'm very interested in the urushi glue you used, I never heard of it but I would love to use a 100% organic glue that appears to be quite strong and waterresistent, I guess I'm going to pay Google a visit ;)

    2 replies
    Hairbrush InventorGadisha

    Reply 10 months ago

    This is a reference to urushi ( It might be hard to deal with... I got a really bad rash in the beginning of using urushi. It’s said that people contact that for the first time, most of them will get a rash, however, some of them will become more resistant to it gradually. Please keep it in mind if you try to use urushi.


    10 months ago

    It looks classy but rustic at the same time! Good job, I voted :)

    1 reply