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In this Instructable I'll show you how to turn a damaged acoustic guitar to a beautiful shelf with almost hiden led lighting. An easy DIY project for everyone and you can build it only with the basic tools.

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Step 1: Tools I Used

Tools I used

- Jig saw

- Cordless Drill

- Impact driver

- Random Orbital Sander

- Pliers

- Hot glue gun


- AN old & damaged guitar

- Led stripes

- Screws

- Oil based Poly

Step 2: Remove the Strings

The first thing you have to do is to remove all the strings. Pliers are helpful on removing them easily.

Step 3: Trace Where You're Going to Cut

Then I traced with a market almost half an inch from the outside of the body.

Step 4: Cutting the Lid

Before cutting the top, I clamped the guitar on my workbench and made sure it was sturdy and steady. I carefully moved the jig saw along the black marker and used a razor blade to cut between the body and the fretboard. I used a metal cutting blade on the jig saw, so there's no splitting on the wood and to have more control of the cut. You could use a dremel tool if you have a better control.

Step 5: Clear the Inside of the Body

At this step I grabbed a pair of strong pliers and used them to remove the wooden pieces from the inside of the body and sand it down to 240grid with a random orbital sander. The sanding is not necessary but if you want a smooth surface you have sand it.

Step 6: Fitting the Shelves

The next step is to fit the shelves in the guitar. It's in your choice to fit them however you want. I used some boards from my scrap bin that I have laying around and cut them to size on the table saw at 45 degrees. You do this step with a hand saw and you don't need to use the 45° agle.

Step 7: Sanding the Shelves and the Body

In the next I first sanding the shelves up to 240 grid and painting them with a wallnut stain. After they dry fully, I give them and the inside of the guitar a polyurethane coat.

Step 8: Screw the Shelves Inside

After a full 48 hour of drying the next step is to screw the shelves inside the body. I used my impact driver to drill the holes from the back of the guitar and screwed the pieces together.

Step 9: Glue the Led Lights

Then i used a hot glue gun and glued the led stripes to the inside rim of the guitar. Many clamps were used to hold them in place until the glue dried fully.

After that I drilled a hole at the bottom of the guitar to bring the power cable so it can be connected to the power adaptor.

Step 10: Finished Project

Here is the finished product.

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If you made one of your own, please share your photo with me.



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1 year ago

Mount vertical on the wall and put shelves where the bracing already exists maybe too....

BillSinAlex 2Q

Reply 1 year ago

Thanks for the advice Alex. Just entered the contests!


1 year ago

Great instructable! I have an un-repairable guitar & was trying to think of something to do with it. You've given me my solution! Well filmed, clear video. Good written instructions. Thank you very much! BTW - Your project turned out beautifully. You should be quite satisfied with it and proud! c

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

Thank you Christine. It turned beautiful and glad that I helped you!!


Reply 1 year ago

Thanks man...appreciate it


1 year ago

This is a beautiful shelf! Great idea!

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Reply 1 year ago

Came out beautiful. Thank you


1 year ago

I love that idea! That's a beautiful shelf :)

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