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Glow sticks are always awesome .From Concert to campfire,child to old people all love the Glow Stick.Glow Stick s a self-contained, short-term light-source.It was invented backs in the 90's around 1965.Basically Glow Stick consists of a translucent plastic tube containing isolated substances that, when combined, make light through chemiluminescence, so it does not require an external energy source.The light cannot be turned off, and can be used only once.


I Always wanted to make My Own Glow Stick . So I made a led One to have the fun with it also the glow stick Could gave me opportunity to click some cool light trails photographs

But this one will use led for giving the effect,so you can turn it on and off anytime you want.


Advantages of LED Glow Stick

  1. Since its electronic, potential danger ,due to the spilling of chemicals in chemical glow sticks, is absent
  2. It is cheap and easy to make at home
  3. Can be reused only changing battery will be required.
  4. Can be turned on and off easily

So lets make one :)

Also like my page for support

Step 1: List of Material


  1. Battery 3v button cell (CR2032)(Electronic Store)
  2. 5 mm LEDs (Electronics Store)
  3. 5 mm transparent pipe (Hardware Store)


  1. Glue Gun
  2. Cellotape

Step 2: Putting the First LED Inside the Tube

  • Apply a little glue at the end of the transparent tube.
  • ( Note the length of the tube should not much . I used around 15 cm length tube.)
  • Push the LED in to the tube .make sure its Air tight .
  • If you don't have glue gun,simply push the led inside tightly.
  • Use the Cello tape to block the led.Tightly Wrap It to make it water Tight

Step 3: Fill the Tube With Water

  • After u have sealed one of the end with glue and led ,fill the tube with water till the other end.
  • keep a little space to glue the other end the second led.
  • You can use a syringe to fill the water.
  • After filling the tube with water add little cornstarch to diffuse the water.
  • apply glue to the end and push the second led tightly.It should look like the image .

Step 4: Check the Seals

  • Check the seals to ensure no water comes outside.
  • If It comes out then don't worry apply a little more glue and tap it.(if you didn't apply glue and poured water .no need to check seals.:P).
  • I put black tape around the tube to hide the glue part.

Its ready now time to connect the battery.

Step 5: Its Time for the Battery to Talk

Connect the leads to the button cell properly and enjoy.

Step 6: Some Fun With It

Here are some light trail photos i clicked with the Glow Stick.



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3 years ago on Introduction

You can add a bit of cornstarch to the water to make it "just a little cloudy" -- then you'll have a lot more light coming out of the tube.

3 replies

Adding a tiny bit of bleach could work. It works for those people doing the water bottle ceiling light in other countries. Milk in the water could be another alternative but its not something I would put a lot of faith into.


3 years ago on Introduction

I took a white led and connected it the same way as you did to a USED battery that was too discharged to keep the clock of a computer going. It gave me usefull light for three weeks so the battery if fresh should last quite some time


3 years ago on Introduction

it would be interesting if the estimated price for the project was listed - especially as people are doing the all over the place.

What has this glow stick run you to make?

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3 years ago on Introduction

Love them!! That reminds me on my old-school bike, I put 4 of them on my wheel spokes. It really grabs people's attention when you ride that bike all night long through the street.

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Reply 3 years ago

can you share a pic of your bike


A few years back I picked up a gallon or so of the reflective glass beads the road crews spray into the paint when Striping the lanes.

Filling the tune 1/4 - 1/2 before adding water and cornstarch may make a nice effect as well.

Since the cost is minimal, I think mineral oil might make a good medium as well.

2 replies

Where can one get some of that reflective beads stuff? I've been looking for it to cover my mailbox so I can find my house at night with my headlights!


I stopped a striping crew when they were in front of my house.

You might look up the city or county Dept of Roads and Bridges, or your local State Dept or Transportation and ask them.

They work best when sprayed into a fairly thick coat of paint

jeanniel1Jack Corsair

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Yes, tonic water really DOES glow with UV light shining on it! To think, folks drink the stuff, too! Bitter as far as I'm concerned. But ultra-cool for glowing.

Jack Corsairjeanniel1

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Oh I love the stuff! it is a bioluminescent so it isn't poison. Tonic (Quinine) was used to help keep British soldiers from catching Malaria. The best way to keep them taking it was to turn it into a alcoholic beverage. but if you look at a few bars where they have glowing bottles they are filled with this stuff and a black light is used.

My wife and I have been working on a face piece for her for halloween, using this method with LED's to give a more cyborg / zombie rotting effect. (Skin falling off exposing pipes and wires. our hardest part right now is keeping it light enough with the skin to keep it from falling off. stage makeup/glue is good stuff but not for 4 hours or more.

Another idea for adding stuff into the tube is hair gel with a mix of glow powder from then you could use a white or the UV to charge the powder suspended in the gel. this is my next try. one issue i have already found is I need some sort of Cake icing thing to squeeze the gel/powder into the tube. I have already tested on some small glass bottles.