Jewelry Clay Crystal Pendant

Hey everyone! In this tutorial, I wanted to show you just how easy it is to make custom jewelry with jewelry clay, bezel trays, and Swarovski crystals (or other inclusions). The jewelry clay, bezels, and Swarovski crystals can all be found online or in your local craft store. A link for a crystal wholesaler is below (this is where I usually buy all of my Swarovski). I hope this video helps to inspire and be informative. Thanks for watching and happy crafting!

Swarovski Wholesale:

Materials Used:
* Empty bezel pendant
* Envirotex Epoxy Jewelry Clay
* PearlEx Powders (in lavendar and white)
* Fluffy paint brush
* Swarovski crystals
* Nitrile gloves
* Windex and paper towels

Step 1: Watch the Full Video Tutorial

Thanks for watching and happy crafting!!!

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