Laser Wood Model Cutting –Eiffel Tower

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Using the Laser cutter to DIY Eiffel tower

Step 1: Required Items


Material:3mm plywood

Laser head:standerd head

Thunder laser used:

Model: Nova 35 laser cutter machine

Laser Tube: 80 watt

Step 2: Setting Parameters:

Processing Mode: cut

Speed: 20mm/s

Max power: 60%

Min power: 70%

After we design the file in CorelDraw, we send the file to laser software directly by clicking the laser plug-in. Then we input the best setting parameters and “Download” the file to the laser cutter.

Step 3: Start Cutting:

Place the wood sheet on the machine working table, move the laser head to the right start position, adjust the focal distance, press “Origin” button to set the starting point, then press “Start” to run the job.

Step 4:

Step 5: Assemble(finished):

After the laser cutter finish working, take out the Eiffel tower pieces and put them aside.

Build the Eiffel tower by yourself, you’ll find there’s a lot of fun to do it.



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