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Yes, this is one of those instructables that I really don't know how to introduce, I know that I should tell you why you need this item and how it's going to change your life for the better, how it's going to save your life in natural disasters or calamities, enable you to survive in the remote wilderness, but one thing just keeps popping up in my mind: if you were an inmate, boy, you could carry your shank past security checks with no pain in the butt... literally.

Or you can just use it as a package/envelope opener, to slice paper or if you are into upcycling, EDC items and kits, or survival stuff, this may be of your liking, having a small cutting tool is usually better than having no cutting tool when needed, and it fits into an Altoids tin too.


Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

List of Tools and Materials needed:

  • Quick set epoxy (I recommend 5/10 min.)
  • Lip Balm casing
  • Razor/cutter/utility knife blade (make sure it fits inside the lip balm case)
  • A similar, but old blade (it's going to be useless when we finish)
  • Pliers (two pairs is safer)
  • Utility knife
  • You will also need hot water, dishwashing liquid, alcohol, cotton/paper towels or anything that you can clean off wax with.

That's about it, let's begin:

Step 2: Build the Knife

Gently pull out the waxy stick from the casing and thoroughly clean the plastic, this is a critical step, any wax residue, even the thinnest film, will prevent the glue bonding with the plastic. Heat the spare/old blade and melt a small slit in the inside bottom of the casing, this will hold the blade straight until the epoxy cures. Mix a tiny amount of glue and apply it to the very end of the blade, wait until it starts to harden (this is why I recommend quick set epoxy) then place the blade in the small slit you just made in the previous step, hold it straight and let the glue fully harden.

Mix more epoxy and fill the whole space between the blade and the casing's wall, also try to press the glue in, to avoid air pockets and empty spaces. This is a messy process and it's highly probable that you will get glue in/on places that you don't want glue, just leave it there for now, before fully hardening, the epoxy passes trough a rubbery state, a state when it's too hard to stick to anything anymore, but still soft enough to be easily cut with a sharp blade, seize this moment to clean up the knife.

If you used a new cutter blade, like I had, chances are that it's too long for the casing and does not fully retract, fix it by breaking off part of the blade with two pairs of pliers... and the knife is completed.

Step 3: ...

Before you embark on your adventures with the Lip Balm Knife in your pocket, you should know that in some countries this can be considered an illegal weapon and can get you arrested, also, if you carry and use lip balm or lipstick regularly make sure you always check what you are about to apply, you don't want to accidentally widen your mouth.

Step 4: Profit

I'm giving away a full year of Pro Membership to the first instructables member who makes a lipbalm/lipstick knife and posts a picture of it (just click the "I Made it!" button).

Have a nice one!

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It was Lacalut, but I pretty sure any brand would work.