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A Luna Lovegood Lion Hat!

I wanted to make a lion hat for our book character day (halloween) and wanted it to be more like the book version (a giant lion head on a witch hat)!


Step 1: Materials

I tried to use as little and light-weight materials as possible for my hat.

-cardstock paper

-tan thin fleece

-around 10 rolls of ribbon (I raided the clearance ribbon for reds, golds, & tans)

-two large buttons

-black felt

-witch hat

-hot glue gun


-mod podge (optional)

Step 2: Creating the Lion Frame

I originally planned on using a free paper craft template I had found online. However, when I went to print it out, I found that the file was unavailable and I couldn't find any others that were free and similar.

So I had to make a lion head from scratch, which was interesting!

Using cardstock paper, I made a paper cylinder the same diameter as the opening of the witch hat.

Next, I began cutting and taping together paper shapes to form a lion face. I mostly tried to look at my cat's face for reference.

When I had a face shape that I was okay with I began to hot glue it to the paper cylinder. I also replaced the tape with hot glue.

Step 3: Adding Fur

Next, I began glueing the fleece on the face for fur. I glued sections at a time to make it easier to smooth it out. After doing the face I also did the neck all the way around.

Step 4: Making the Mane

I cut all the ribbon into around 3-5" strips and began glueing them down to the lion head starting from the bottom and working up.

At this point, I also used the cardboard from the ribbon to make ears. I tore off the side cardboard circles and cut them in half. Then I glued two halves together like a tent or a V. I glued the ears on the head and covered them with the fleece.

Step 5: Eyes, Mouth, and Nose

For the eyes, I cut out black felt pupils and glued them onto my giant buttons. Then I glued the eyes on the head and made some eyelids out of scrap fleece.

I eventually would like to replace the eyes with taxidermy/stuffed animal eyes to make it look a little better. However I feel like Luna would use whatever she had and the buttons make it look more homemade!

For the nose, I cut out a nose shape from black felt and glued it on!

For the mouth, I cut and glued black felt inside the mouth to give it a clean look. I also sealed the paper cone teeth with mod podge so they will hopefully last longer.

In the future, I hope to add a tongue and perhaps even some tech to make the lion roar!

Step 6: Finishing the Hat

To finish, I attached the witch hat to the bottom of the lion. I cut off the top half of the point and cut some slits in the remaining point of the hat so it would glue down in sections. Then I glued each section into the inside of the lion to make it one big hat.

The hat stays on fairly well, however in the future I would like to attach a helmet on the inside and strap it to my head for more stability. I would then cover the straps in material to look like ties for the hat!

It was a very rushed job, but I am overall happy with the turnout and hope to make additions to it in the future!

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