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Now this isn't my first time attempting to make a fully working laptop using a Raspberry Pi.The laptop I made “The Pi-Berry Laptop” is built around the Raspberry Pi 3. It has 1GB RAM, Quad core CPU, 4 USB Ports and One Ethernet port. The laptop meets daily life needs and smoothly runs programs like VLC media player , Mozilla Firefox , Arduino IDE, Libre Office, Libre CAD etc…

For convenience of using and reading the Display of the laptop was chosen to be 7 Inch (IPS technology) HD Display.

The 5600mAh battery pack provides the power to the laptop. Once fully charged the laptop runs for about 2 hrs.This means you can use the raspberry pi 2 for your future projects (good news for Raspberry pi enthusiasts).

Step 1: What You Will Need

Now when I first started making this project, I had other plans including way more complex electronics and designs. But in the end it all came down to these components

1x Raspberry Pi 3

1x 7" LCD Screen with lcd adapter.

1x Small Bluetooth USB keyboard

1x 5600 mAh USB Power bank

1x Mini speakers.

1x Mini Switch

1x 8-16 GB Memory card

1x 3.5 mm Audio Jack

1x Plastic Box 11 X 17 cm

Tools To Be Used :

Soldering iron

Hot glue Gun


Step 2: Design Work

First things first, We got to design of case.

You need 11 X 17 CM Plastic Box Which have opening on top.I receive this box from stationary.

You Can also use 3D Printed case for this laptop.

Then Planning to how you adjust all component inside plastic box.

I Place Raspberry Pi Left Bottom side and Power bank at Right Bottom side of Box.

Then I Place 7" inch display to opening of Box.

Step 3: Review of All Componnent

1) The Display : The display / screen I opted for was a 7 Inch IPS technology HD display. This Display was extremely thin and suited my design

2) Key board : I use Bluetooth operated USB mini Keyboard as per my design.This was the best and smallest Key Board I found in the local market.You can use keyboard from a tablet PC case. This was the best and smallest Key Board I found in the local market.

3)Raspberry Pi 3 : The laptop I made “The Pi-Berry Laptop” is built around the Raspberry Pi 3. It has 1GB RAM, Quad core CPU, 4 USB Ports and One Ethernet port.

Step 4: Make Power Supply

The power-bank we chose should have important features : Pass-Through Charging (PTC) which means that we should be able to simultaneously charge and use the laptop at the same time.

I Take 5600 mAh Power Bank and open bottom case of this power bank.Then I apply some force bottom to top side.Then Take soldering iron and soldering two wire to negative and positive pole.Then close this case as per picture.

After closing you need to joint male USB pin to this + & - wire with one on/off switch as per picture.

Step 5: Choosing the Operating System

The choice of the operating system totally depends on the type of work you do. I wanted the functions of a desktop so I went with Raspbian Pi OS. There are a few other's to be considered:

1) Raspbian: Raspbian is the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s official supported operating system. You can install it with NOOBS or image. Raspbian comes pre-installed with plenty of software for education, programming and general use.

2) Ubuntu Mate: Ubuntu MATE is a stable, easy-to-use operating system with a configurable desktop environment. Ideal for those who want the most out of their computers and prefer a traditional desktop metaphor.

3) OSMC : (Open Source Media Center) is a free and open source media player based on Linux and founded in 2014 that lets you play back media from your local network, attached storage and the Internet.

Step 6: Installing the Operating System

Once you are decided with the operating system you want to go with, time to install it on the raspberry pi 3. Raspberry pi 3 boots from the SD card. So we have to get the image onto the SD card.

Which type of SD card is Best?

The recommendation of the size of the sd card depends on the Operating system we install. I used 16GB class 10 micro SD card. This gave me following advantage:

Class 10 cards are faster to boot and perform read write operations.

Writing the IMAGE of the O.S to the SD card is done by Burning the image file using theWin32 Disc Imager.

1) Using theSD Formattertool Format the SD card.

2) Open the Win32 Disk Imager and locate the image you downloaded. Click on "Write" once ready.

3) Wait for the writing to complete.

4) Once the writing is finished, safely eject the SD card from the computer.

5) If you followed the steps correctly the raspberry pi should Boot successfully with the OS.

Step 7: Assemble All Component to Test It's Working or Not ?

1) First of all Take Raspberry Pi 3 and take Display adapter to joint with raspberry pi 3.

2) Then take 7 inch display and joint with other end of display adapter.

3) Insert Raspbian OS imager 16 GB Memory Card inside slot of memory card of raspbian pi 3.

4) Then connect 5600 mAh Power supply to raspbian pi 3.

5) Switch ON and see yellow light glow up on raspbian pi 3 and 7" led display start or not ?

6) If working well then go to next step.

Step 8: Make Display Attractive

Take Fevibond glue or other glue and paste to frame of 7" display very carefully.Make sure Black part of display not affect with glue.

Then Take Black Paper Binding and cut in shape of frame.then paste on display as show in picture.

Step 9: Final Assembly

1) First of all Take Cutter and Make holder for raspbian pi 3 , power bank charging and switch.

2) Using small amount of glue to just hold the display in place.

3) Glue Raspbarry Pi 3 on their appropriate locations.

4) Hot glue the Power Supply on the respective places.

5) Connect the connections of the Raspberry pi 3 to Display Driver and power Supply.

Step 10: Make Audio System

Take one speaker from radio , toy or headphone and connect to 3.5 mm audio jack.

Connect this speaker to Raspbian Pi 3.

Sound of This speaker is low but If you need Loud sound you want to connect Audio Amplifier.

Make Closing Pad and glue this on top of this box.

Step 11: Final Step. START !

Finally. The Pi Laptop is almost done! Its fully usable and works like a small laptop. I hope you guys liked it!

Open and Switch on laptop.Raspberry pi should Boot successfully with the OS If all step is correct.

Connect Bluetooth USB Keyboard and enjoy your Laptop.



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    Very nice design. I am inspired to make this my next project.

    So, as I was looking for some better deals on the necessary materials, I came across touch screen 7 inch displays, and I was wondering what components I would need to change or replace to install that if I were to use it.

    Shall we use LCD TV in place of 7" HD screen and used as a Android TV. What are the component to be require if we use in LCD TV.

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    Micro idea.Yes you can make your tv as computer .You need one HDMI cable.connect raspberry pi and tv using HDMI cable.but TV should have HDMI port.

    is there any way i could remake the mother board with more ram or a ram slot

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    I already have most of the components, all I need is the raspberry Pi. Being a computer nut has it's perks. I collect and keep old computer and phone parts. The only negative comment I have is about the keyboard, the buttons are a little noisy when pressed. I use mine often and that is my only issue. I can see this being an awesome project for me when I have more time.


    Question 2 months ago

    Could anyone give me a link to the specific plastic box to use, along with the battery and speaker? I couldn't find them anywhere.Thank you!

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    Ok I did find the battery but it's from an Indian company I believe, so I'm not sure how I can get it in the US. Does anyone know a battery that could fit well in that box?

    i was looking at zram does it work

    what did you use for the keyboard shelf or the cover

    i voted and am gonna make it PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS GUY HE DESERVES IT

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    you built something this cool you deserve, also i have been wacthing your channel and i like your modo "creativiy can change the world."