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I was asked to make a durable "book" to be used as a prop in a witchcraft-themed live-action puzzle. I decided to use a reclaimed wood cutoff and some junk I had laying around my shop to make it. This Instructable will explain what I did, but the video offers more insight into my thoughts. have a gander!

Step 1: Gathering Material

I wanted something durable and warm, so this reclaimed wood cut-off was perfect. I love the lath marks on the edge as they look a bit like old binding, so I wanted to save the lines. I also found some old fabric from a wrecked chair, a used leather belt and some various bits of metal and brass tacks to use.

Step 2: Making Wood Look Like a Book

I cut the block of wood to my desired size and then routed a 1/4" deep channel around three edges to represent the slight indentation between a hard-cover book's cover and its pages. When doing the top and bottom, I didn't want to rout all the way through as a real book binding wouldn't look that way, so I set up a stop block on my router table to keep the binding the same length as the cover. I used a chisel to straighten out the corners.

Step 3: Give It "the Look"

I used a torch to burn the fresh-cut edges of wood (and other parts) to add to the "old" look of the book. I painted the part I just routed white to represent the pages, but i added a splash of yellow and brown accents to make the "pages" look older.

I then cut up the leather belt I found into 4 pieces: 2 run the vertical length of the book as binding and the part where it buckles I ran horizontally to look like a diary clasp. I used PVA glue (Elmer's) to adhere the leather to the wood and secured it with brass finish nails.

I also added some random bits of metal to appear as repairs added to the book over the centuries and I used "Modge Podge" to glue a piece of tattered fabric to the cover, to add to the aged appearance.

Step 4: Make It "Wiccan"

I used a Forstner bit to make a slight recess in the cover and carved a pentagram inside the carve to add depth and spookiness. A little red paint was used to fill the star and I added some "bloody" smudges to the corner just for fun.

And that's it! This was WAY more fun to make than I expected and I highly encourage you to create things from leftover scrap whenever you can; it really is fun. Check out the video for more in-depth info and thanks for checking this out.

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    2 years ago

    I keep having to remind myself that it's actually made from wood! Great prop, and ideal for setting a scene. Thanks for the info

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you! Honestly, it came out better than I expected ;-)


    2 years ago

    Cool timsway But I Need U To Answer One Question How And What Made You Think Of Doing This Awesome Holloween Prop Tim What Made You Think Of This Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Prop

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    it's a prop for an adventure room where you escape and solve puzzles. thank you!