Mini Lighter Gun - the Lighter Pocket Pistol




In this project we're taking an ordinary lighter and turning it into a fun and powerful pocket pistol.


Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: What Is a Mini Lighter Pocket Pistol ?

A Lighter Pistol is essential for having a little bit of fun.

This little pistol can be held just like a pistol, capable of shooting toothpicks into apples, launch explosive darts over 20 feet away, and shoot metal tipped toothpicks with great power.

And guess what ?... you can make it with objects that you can find in your house !

Step 3: What You'll Need


- Drill
- File
- Knife
- Pliers
- Glue gun


- Empty lighter
- Epoxy
- Small nail
- Coat hanger
- Marker
- Wooden toothpicks

Step 4: Making the Lighter Pocket Pistol

Now let’s get started by taking an empty lighter and getting rid of all the metal pieces starting with the flame guard. The hardest part may be taking of the flame guard.. you can simply do that by taking a nail and prying it off from the side. And the other parts will come off pretty easily.

Step 5: Making the Barrel

To make our barrel let’s take a coat hanger and cut a piece that is about 5.6 cm long, and remove the metal piece inside of it. To remove the metal piece you will need to file the sides of one end to make it easier when pulling out of the plastic tube. This is where the spring will go, so we might as well glue it in place right now. Only the end of the spring will need to be glued to the end of the barrel so the spring doesn’t come out when it’s being compressed.

Step 6: Drilling Some Holes

Next will need to drill a hole through the front of the lighter about 1cm from the top. This hole should be big enough for the barrel to fit in perfectly.

We will also need to drill a bigger hole where the lighter nozzle was.. this is where a part of the trigger will go as you’ll see in the next step.

Step 7: Let's Make the Trigger

Now taking a small nail, we can cut it to 2 centimeters long, since this will be acting as a trigger ill go ahead and file both sides of the nail so it makes a rectangle at the tip. You can now take the fork from the lighter and insert the nail in the hole halfway where the nozzle was with the filed sides facing the front and back where and glue it in place, I used some epoxy for a stronger bond. After 5 minutes it was strong enough to move on to the next step.

Step 8: Making Everything Line Up

To make sure everything will lines up perfectly we can insert the barrel in and putting the glued side flush to the back of the lighter,, add some ink to the tip of the trigger and insert it in it’s place.

Now after pressing the trigger onto the barrel you can see that it made a small mark. Now taking a blade let’s make a notch in the barrel just beside the line about half way deep. Making a notch just beside the line will act as small locking machinism instead of adding a rubber band pressing on the fork for holding the ammo in place.

Step 9: Ammunition

Let’s go ahead and take some wooden toothpick, cut one end off and push it in the barrel until it doesn’t go further and make a mark on the toothpick. This is where will need to make a notch that the trigger will catch in when loaded.

Step 10: Almost Done !

All we need to do now is glue the barrel to the lighter, making sure to line up the trigger to the notch in the barrel.

Step 11: Your Lighter Pocket Pistol Is Finished !

With the barrel in place your lighter pocket pistol is finished and ready for action.

To load it you just have to push a toothpick all the way back, press on the nail. And the gun is ready to fire. You can hold it like a little pistol and when you’re ready to shoot, simply press on the trigger.

I found a way to load the toothpicks without making a notch in them. You can simply push a toothpick all the way back press on the nail and pull on the toothpick still while pressing on the nail until the nail catches in the spring. I found this kind of loading more reliable instead of making the trigger catch in the toothpick that wouldn't always hold it in place because of the thickness of some toothpicks.

It’s amazing to see how much power this little thing has. It is able to shoot explosive tip toothpicks over twenty feet away!

It can easily stick into apples from a distance of 8 inches and even 6 feet away.

I made an other one just for fun ( see the picture for reference ) and added a metal tip to the toothpicks to make it more front heavy that lead to greater accuracy. With a metal tip it was able to stick into cardboard from a great distance and make a small dent in a tin box.

Well now you know how to turn a simple lighter into a fun little pocket pistol.

Hope you guys liked this instructable :)



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