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About: Hi, I'm stephen, I'm a certified welder, working on my machinists cert, and working part time at a hardware store. Mixing in all of that with my hobbies of blacksmithing and knifemaking, only makes for more...

This is a set of mini tomahawks I made last year. They're handforged from scrap mild steel, the handles are singed poplar, and the spontoon hawk has a small brasss pin for decoration.  Sorry, I don't have any more pics.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I also took some rawhide dog toy I got at the dollar store and boiled it till soft. Then I cut strips and forced the strips around the space on the handle between the stone and wood. When it dried it became rock hard again. The stone can not come out now. It looks rustic too! I also criss-crossed a long strip around one tomahawk handle and its stone. It won't budge . Even when I wack it on a tree. Just FYI. I'll get some pics. and post them for your comment.

    hawkssideview.JPGstone and ashwood tomahawks.JPGstone&ashwood hawks.JPG

    7 years ago on Introduction

    These are awesome! Can you tell me how (step- by- step) you made them.? I made some real full size tomahawks a while back. I used ash wood from my trees and smooth stones I scrounged from the ocean on cape cod. Mother nature already shaped them for me. So I put them to good use. I see you are a blacksmith in training, yes? Thanks for your help! As ever Triumphman.

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    I took a small piece of round mild steel, slightly flattened it, drilled a hole the size I wanted, and forged the rough shape of the hawk. Then because it's hard to forge something that delicate, I went ahead and filed and sanded the rest of the way.

    Then I took small pieces of poplar, carved them to fit the hole, and singed them slightly, and sanded them nice and smooth. After I put the handles in, I put in a few drops of super glue to make sure they stayed. Then I drilled a tiny hole, and took some very small rod and forged the small loop, and glued it into the hole.

    That was about it.