Mint Chutney




-Mint chutney is prepared using fresh mint leaves .You can call this chutney as `All in one chutney´ because this chutney can be served as accompainment for pakodas,dosas,idli,tandoori snacks and you can even mix in rice.

-We prepare this chutney by roasting few of our common kitchen ingredients.Roasting and adding those ingredients is important because tthey give nice spice flavour to chutney apart from mint flavour.


Step 1: Keep All Ingredients Ready


-One and half cup mint leaves

-one tsp cumin seeds

-one tsp split black gram

-Few peanuts

-One tbsp sesame seeds

-One tbsp coriander seeds

-2 dry red chillies

-Salt as per taste

-Half tsp sugar

-One tsp tamarind

-cooking oil

Step 2: Sauteing

Take a pan add few tsp oil.when oil is heated add tsp cumin seed and tsp split black gram

Step 3: Add Peanuts and Coriander Seeds

-After black gram turns little brown add few peanuts and a tbsp coriander seeds and saute for few seconds

Step 4: Add Sesame Seeds

-Next add 2 dry red chillies and a tbsp sesame seeds and saute for few minutes on low flame

Step 5: Add Mint Leaves

-Finally add one and half cup mint leaves and roast for few minutes.

Step 6: Soak Tamarind in Water

-Soak a tsp tamarind in little water. microwave for few seconds and extract juice

Step 7: Blending

-cool all sauted ingredients and transfer all sauted ingredients to blender.

Step 8: Add Extracted Tamarind Juice

-Next add extracted tamarind juice to blender

Step 9: Add Salt and Half Teaspoon Sugar

-Finally add salt as per taste and half tsp sugar to blender and blend by adding little water to paste

Step 10: Blend

-After adding all ingredients to blender blend by adding little water to paste

Step 11: Tempering

-After we prepare chutney final step is to temper the chutney.For tempering take little oil in pan and add cmin seeds.

-when they splutter add half tsp split black gram and few curry leaves

Step 12: Transfer Tempering to Blended Mint Chutney

-Finally transfer tempering to blended mint chutney and can add little water and mix if chutney is too thick.

Step 13: Serve Mint Chutney

- Granish with mint leaves and serve mint chutney with rice or any dosa,idli or chapathi



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    1 year ago

    Mint chutney is one of my favorites!! Thank you for sharing your recipe :)

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