Modern Industrial Copper Pipe Paper Towel Holder



Paper towels are incredibly useful, so make getting them easy and always there. Build a really easy copper or steel pipe industrial holder to be functional and look good in your home.


Step 1: Connect Pipe

I used reclaimed copper pipe sections that were scrap pieces. Using 2 sections and 1 90 degree elbow and 1 straight connector, I constructed an upside down L shape to hold the paper towel. No need to glue anything here, just fit tightly together.

Step 2: Base

Use a base of wood to platform the pipe. Drill out a hole in the top for the copper pie to slide right in, making sure it’s nice and snug. A fosner bit or hole saw will do the trick

Step 3: Enjoy!

A few other notes:

I would personally prefer a concrete block as a base, as it would look better.

If you feel the need to weigh down the holder more and have not used a concrete base, you can fill the pipe with concrete, sand, rocks to ensure successful one hand use.



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