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My halloween costume!!!

Step 1: Getting the Stuff

I used a set of BDU pants and jacket. I also used my pistol belt and my Converse Multicam boots. You can use whatever you want. I am missing my BDU hat :( Very sad!!!! I also used a nerf pistol!!!! My father was in the national Guard also, That is why I have the Red Bull patch on my jacket!



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    FYI: It's NOT "stolen valor" as long as you aren't wearing the uniform, claiming to be something you aren't, and getting some sort of monetary gain from it (i.e. getting a military discount). If you are wearing it on Halloween as a costume, and not wearing rank on it, then you are perfectly acceptable.

    I spent 15 years in the Army, and I've always thought that people should be honored when kids want to emulate them for Halloween. On the other hand, when some fat-body walks around the mall on Veteran's day in a jacked-up uniform that he didn't earn to rake in the military discounts, that's when we should get offended.

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    4 years ago

    Please do not do this. I fought in this uniform as well as ACU's. I worked hard and earned the right to put it on and watched friends die in it. It is something that most soldiers don't take lightly. Please do not borrow valor from those who have earned it. Thank you.

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    Reply 3 years ago

    I am also a military serviceman. As much as stolen valor ticks me off.. its the people who claim to be military and arent, that should not wear uniform. Plus Bdu has been phased out for years. Soon acu will as well. So if people wish to wear phased out uniforms, let them


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, another Soldier here. I too have see some rough times in this uniform and others (DCU, ACU, MARPAT). However, I see no problem in using it as a costume. We have always dressed up as firemen, policemen and other civil servants...why not Soldiers? You are not trying to pass yourself off as a Soldier in some official capacity, just make a cool costume. I feel honored that you would would choose a Soldier to emulate.

    Also, black boost would be more appropriate with the 4 color woodland camouflage pattern. That was the uniform from the the 1980's until the mid 2000's. There was only a short period of time where the tan boot with the BDU pattern was authorized. Personally, I was glad to see the shiny black boot go. Wasted way too much time with Kiwi and a rag..spit shining......

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    I do have a pair of black Converse boots too. It's just...I can't seem to find them. Who looses a pair of boots? My dad has his pair but the leather on it is too stiff and too small. I have been thinking of joining the National Guard too :)