Paper Icicles for Frozen Ceiling Decoration




Inspired by this art installation and the movie Frozen, I created this ceiling decoration for the holiday season. The whole thing took 2-3 hours to create, so it's thankfully quick in addition to being inexpensive and beautiful.

It's also a lot safer to be under than real icicles...

And it solved my dilemma of what to put in the guest bathroom without having to go out and buy something! Huzzah!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

  • White paper
      Note: I'm using legal size printer paper, but a roll of white craft paper would like be better due to splicing. Splicing doesn't really show unless it's backlit, and thankfully none of mine are.
  • Straight edge
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Step 2: Cut Triangle

Fold your paper in half lengthwise and mark a diagonal line.

Note: You want to keep this quite narrow relative to the length.

Cut along the line and erase any remaining pencil marks.

Step 3: Glue

Fold the cut edges over approximately ¼-½" (1 cm).

Run the glue stick over the top folded edge.

Pull the paper apart and press the glued edge down.

Run the glue stick over the remaining flap and press down.

Step 4: Trim

Snip off the tip to create a crisp angle.

Open and fold, connecting the folded seams together.

Trim the open end to make a crisp line.

Trim down each edge approximately ½-¾" (1 cm).

Fold back each wing. This is what you'll attach to the ceiling.

Step 5: Crumple

Crumble up the paper and open again.

Note: Blowing into the icicle helps.

Note: You do not need to crumble and can opt for geometric icicles instead. Crumpling helps it look more natural, and it also helps to cover various sins.

Step 6: Attach

Keeping the seam to the back, attach each wing to the ceiling using a small piece of tape.

Note: When installing these, work from largest to smallest and fill in as needed. My largest icicle is 4 sheets of legal size copy paper spliced together for a finished length of 4' (approximately 1¼ m).

If your icicles don't disappear into your ceiling, you can add a "shield"/banner of small icicles/pennants as was done in the inspiration piece.



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    22 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Hi,what kind of tape did you use that doesn't rip paint off the ceiling but still holds?
    I've made them and they look great but keep falling down. Tried masking tape and white electrical tape, I know gaffer would do it but will also take off the paint!


    2 years ago

    Wow k medidas usas pliss


    4 years ago

    I'm amazed how great these look with just a little crumpling. I'll have to surprise my Frozen obsessed girlfriend with this in our apartment.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sure she'd love it! If you can only do short stints of making these, gluing and trimming the icicles takes the most time, and they can be easily hidden until you have enough to do a full display. :D


    really cool! for an alternative mounting idea, you could put a bit of wire in an arch inside the top of the icicle and then use a small 3M Command hook on the ceiling. If the wire were the right length, it would look seamless!

    1 reply

    Thanks! I'm not sure how much time anyone would want to put into these because storing them would be a nightmare (mine will be going to the recycling bin), but feel free to try! You could definitely give yourself some wiggle room by crumpling the top onto itself and expanding as necessary. :)

    I took a rough measurement of how long the longest one should be, made it, and attached it. Then I made the smaller sizes, attaching as I made them. In total (for a 17" x 17" space) there are 14 icicles: 1 extra long, 2 long, 5 medium, and 6 short.

    Basically, it's a lot of eyeballing and filling in as needed, and attaching with tape, it's easy enough to reposition if one isn't just right. :)


    4 years ago

    very nice and simple project, but also looks amazing :)

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! If you look at the inspiration piece, you'll see that it's multi-faceted, but who has the time for that when guests are coming over tomorrow? :P


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I took a look at that... and I like yours better!

    Simpler to make, and a better-looking finished product. Win win!

    Ha! Thanks!

    Leaving the house is for chumps, particularly when you have reams of paper, scissors, and glue. :P