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Introduction: Paper and Water Stencil

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Ckeck my video for all the steps

-Choose and cut the design \ template that you prefer, use a piece of paper against your monitor, gentle use the pencil and copy the design

Step 1:

-Put it on water until its competly soaked

Step 2:

With carefull take it and put it where you want to paint, clean any remains of water with kitchen paper or any other soft abrsorvent paper or fabric, don´t dry it too much !!

Step 3:

Spray paint, wait a few minuts and remove the stencil, you can also use the other side of the stencil (the "negative" part)

Step 4:



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    7 Discussions

    I read it through without watching the video. I thought I was misunderstanding what the water was for, but the video makes it clear. The water turns the paper into a sticky template. That's kind of a low budget genius way to do that.

    1 reply

    exactly ! its very easy to use and it does a good job, the paint doesn´t go under the paper because its "glueded" to the surface that we want to paint


    6 months ago

    Awsome ,thank you it will help make designs on my homemade shateboard

    Great cost-effective solution. You didn't need a vinyl cutter and even a printer!

    1 reply

    I agree, it is a good and easy-to-make project for kids.

    So cool! I've never seen this technique used before, but the results speak for themselves!

    1 reply

    Tanks, its very easy and with good results.