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Ever annoyed by the amount of empty pockets? Feeling a little lonely? Well I have the answers to your problems. Pocket Friends! Through a super cute and easy tutorial and adorable template, you can make yourself a pocket friend to fill the void and your empty pockets!


Step 1: Project Supplies

You are going to need the following things to make your

  • A pencil and a white ink pen, or a light pen that won’t show through your fabric.
  • Paper for creating your adorable template.
  • Scissors for cutting fabric.
  • Basic sewing supplies so thread and needles and some ball pins. You will need white and black thread for the eyes, but you can use any color that looks nice for the body.
  • Felt or misc fabric depending on the kind of friend you want.

Step 2: Step 1

First you have to decide what kind of friend you want to have hanging with you! Are looking for who likes to move around or one who likes to stick around in one pocket?

I’m going to make two friends, because I want as many friends as possible. I’m going to make one friend who likes to travel from pocket to pocket out of felt and one who likes to stay in one place out of cotton or a fabric that can survive a washing machine; we don’t want to accidentally kill our new friend.

Step 3: Step 2

Now we have to make a template. Once you’ve picked your friends, we can draw them on some paper and cut them out. If drawing isn’t your thing you can copy my little fox/cat or cactus template. When making your template we have to make sure your friend will fit in your pocket, so measure your pocket and make sure there is enough room. Depending on your pocket try to leave room for a centimeter on both sides of your template. Cut out your template and put into your pocket to make sure your friend will fit.

Step 4: Step 3

Now pick your fabric and trace with your white pen around the template and cut two sides for your friend. Now you have a body. Decide where you want your eyes and nose and put pins in them for now. Take your black fabric and cut out your eyes as circles and a nose in a little heart shape (optional you can do your nose in any color you want). For my little fox I’m also cutting a heart shape white panel for the face section but this optional depending on your friend.

Step 5: Step 4

Stitch your face pieces on to the front panel of the body. Use black or a color
thread of your choice for your eyes and nose and use white thread for a light reflection/sparkle in your friend’s eyes. All friends are different and can have different embellishments of your choosing like whiskers, hearts, blushing, flowers, Etc.
Once you front body piece is done, we can start sewing your friend together.

Step 6: Step 5

If you want a permanent friend, you can sew them right into your pockets or anywhere you want them. Place them inside your pocket of choosing and hand stitch them in without stuffing them and you’ll have a forever friend. This friend maybe a little prickly, but he'll never leave you.

Step 7: Step 6

If you want a portable friend we can put a little stuffing in
them. Feed them a little cotton candy, just not after midnight; nothing good happen after midnight. Seriously don’t sew after midnight you’ll end up sewing your friend to your sleeve by accident. Also don’t take short cuts using a sewing machine, lets hand sew these little boos; show them some love. Now that your friend is stuffed, lets finish sewing them up.

Step 8: Fin

Now you have a new pocket friend to fill the empty void and your empty pockets.

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1 year ago

Was thinking about putting a small eyelet or rivet close to the top of the pocket on the inside (next to your skin) so you could hang a thread or monofilament down inside your shirt and pulling from about your waistline (shirt untucked and being sneaky with your pulling hand) you could cause your friend to poke his head up out of the pocket and really freak out the human friends and grandkids. If you attach the filament about the middle back of the "pocket friend" and put the eyelet in a denim shirt like you are wearing (very strong) nearer the top of the pocket should cause your buddy to raise up out of the pocket a couple of inches to say "Hi". Then you could poke him back down and say, "Not now Bob!". Let him pop up ever so often. LOL

2 replies

Reply 1 year ago

I don't understand how that part would work, but I'd really like to try it. Can you explain a little more? I don't sew. Why would it cause it to peek out? Without knowing anything, which I don't, I would've thought pulling down would cause it to move down? Thanks!!!


Reply 1 year ago

By putting the eyelet on the inside of the pocket, centered, near the top but just below being able to see it, you are creating a little pulley. If you attach the end of the monofilament to the back of the "friend", about halfway down his back, when you pull down on the filament from inside your shirt it raises the "friend" up so that the place attached on his back is even with the eyelet. As you pull down, it will raise the critter up like a little pulley. The critter will only raise up until the attachment on his back is even with your eyelet. I'm not sure how better to describe it other than drawing a mechanical picture. The eyelet should be large enough to allow the monofilament to easily pass through and the filament should be a smooth material like fishing line or silk thread so it can handle the pressure when you pull down and cause the critter to raise up. Also, an eyelet will be installed strongly through a hole in the shirt fabric but you will have to make sure where it connects to the critter is very robust or you'll just pull it off while trying to raise him up against the friction of his being fabric and the pocket being fabric. Maybe the best idea for attaching the filament to the back of the critter would be with a safety pin so you could adjust the level and take it off easily for washing. It would help if the "friend" was made of a smooth or slick material like polished leather or silk, or I don't know, anything that will help to create less friction. It was just an idea that I had not worked totally out yet. But I am going to. Or maybe the author will try it and add to her instructable. Hope that helps.

Penolopy Bulnick

1 year ago

Adorable! I love both the one you stick in your pocket and the idea of sewing one right on your shirt :D


Reply 1 year ago

Awwwwe thank you, I hope you have a fantastic day :D


1 year ago

It's adorable! Thank you for sharing this :)