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About: I got an old sewing machine when I was just a kid, and I've been hooked on making stuff ever since. My name is Sam and I'm a community manager here at Instructables.

This is a reindeer candy dispenser that poops out tasty treats for you to eat!

When you push down on his head, an internal mechanism dispenses a small, measured amount of candy. It works especially well with hard-shell candies like M&Ms and Reeces.

My kids think it's HILARIOUS, but their mom just rolls her eyes because of all the jokes, sounds, and comments that go along with the dispensing of candy.

Read on to see how I made this!


Step 1: Material

I began with an 8-foot long, 4" wide by 3/4" thick pine board. I cut it into two 4-foot pieces, and used a band saw to rip one of these halves into two approximately 3/8" thick pieces.

There was quite a bit of trial and error involved with making this, but even so I've still got plenty of material left to make at least two or three more.

Step 2: Make Some Plans

I drew out some plans, and then re-worked them over a few times until the mechanism looked like it would function the way I wanted. The pattern pieces were traced onto the wood, and all the pieces were cut out using a scroll saw.

I had to continually chisel, carve, and reshape things as I went to make it all work.

Step 3: Internal Mechanism

The head section pivots downward, pushing a curved piece that shoves the candy out the back end. (Pretty much exactly like real reindeer anatomy.)

You can get a pretty good idea of how this went together and how it works from these photos.

The head section, the candy pusher piece connected to it, and all the black shaded parts were cut from 3/4" pine. The back portion of the head as well as the pusher piece were sanded slightly so they were just a hair less than 3/4".

Dowels were used to create the pivots. I used a dremel to carve out areas to fit the connector piece between the head and pusher pieces.

Step 4: Assembly

The whole thing goes together with no visible metal fasteners.

The legs on the reindeer's left side are held in place with dowels to a side piece that is screwed to the rest of the body. The screws are positioned so they are hidden when the legs are in place. The whole left side comes off if I have to fix something or replace the rubber band.

The legs on the right side are permanently glued in place with wood glue.

The antlers were glued into a notch carved into the top of the reindeer's head.

Step 5: Thanks

I do not have any printable plans for this candy pooping reindeer, as it was made on-the-fly with a lot of trial and error and constant modifying.

However, I thought I should share the idea for those that are up for a little challenge. Thanks for taking a look!

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Reply 5 years ago

Where would you recommend?

The whole idea is that it's gross and silly! :)

Looks like something I would build! I love building dispensers of all types, its a bit of a challenge to get everything working correctly. Really cool project you got there!

1 reply

6 years ago on Introduction

I love how the internal mechanism actually approximates the usual internal workings, minus the piston.

Only one critique: Should be a unicorn, as they poop rainbows. It's a known fact! ;)

2 replies

6 years ago on Introduction

I love it! I'm sooo gonna make one as a Christmas present for next year.


9 months ago on Introduction

What a great gift for the man who has everything! Congrats!


1 year ago

We had a moose of similar design in our office. Everything was OK until someone put Skittles in it and of course sh!ttles came out.

alain bache

Question 1 year ago on Step 5

Hi !

I have been looking for this for a while for my nephew who is handicapped.

Do you sell the candy pooping moose or know someone who does ?

What is the size ?

Thanks for your reply

Alain Bache

1 answer

Question 1 year ago on Step 5

Outstanding design and craftsmanship! Could you please see what happens with M & M peanuts? I've been looking forever for a way to dispense one single M & M peanut at a time with no luck. Everything I've tried ends up at some point with two peanuts trying to get into the same place at the same time. Maybe your Reindeer with a side angle load might be a better chance of success.


Reply 1 year ago

Thanks! It's nice to see people are still finding this old project of mine. Thank you for the comment!! :)


1 year ago



3 years ago

:-D cool !!! :-D


3 years ago

I love this!