The tutorial below shows how to use accelerometer sensor and raspberry pi as gaming console.

The M6226XU Digital Thermal Orientation Sensor (DTOS) is the world's first fully-integrated orientation sensor. Its operation is based on a patented MEMS-thermal technology and is built using a standard 0.18um CMOS process.

MXC6226XU is specified for use in LCD TVs, toys, MP3/MP4 players, fan heaters, halogen lamps, and irons.

This projects demonstrates a version of space invaders where the flying shot is controlled by tilting the accelerometer sensor. The code for the same can be found here.

ACCELEROMTER sensors as a joystick

Hardware Required : Raspberry pi , I2C adapter , MXC6226XU board and an I2C cable

( You can find the I2C adapter , MXC6226XU board and I2C cable at www.controleverything.com)





Step 1: Make Connections

Connect I2C adapter over GPIO pins on Raspberry pi and press it.

As it gets fixed connect a I2C cable with I2C adapter and MXC6226XU bo

Step 2: Power Up Pi and Run Code

Power up the pi once the connections are done. Type command " startx " to switch on the pi in graphical mode.

Download the code from github and copy to pi.

Create a class for the sensor code. The java code used pi4j library. Its a java library for I2C and GPIO created for pi. Instructions to install library are in the comments of the code.

Run the code as :

pi4j Game

Instructions to run the code are in comments of the code.

Step 3: " Start Playing "

You can now see the game space invaders running. Press any key to start.

Hold the accelerometer in a horizontal plane. The shot fired from spaceship will move to left or right as you tilt the sensor to left or right.

You can also refer to youtube video here.



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