Rainbow Spotlight Eye Makeup - Ariana Grande Inspired

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I have been loving the makeup looks of people recreating Ariana Grande's Music Video.

I couldn't do the full recreating so I wanted to create an eye look inspired by this.

Step 1:

First you want to prime your eyes. You can do this with concealer or even a eye primer and apply this all over the lid up into the brow. Then set it with a skin toned shadow.

Step 2:

With a blue eye shadow blend this into the crease making sure it is blended. Then with a vibrant pink eyeshadow also blend this into the crease keeping it a little lower than the blue.

Step 3:

Then with some concealer you want to carve out the centre cut crease lid and go over the top with some white eyeshadow. With a shimmer yellow shadow you want to blend this on the outer part of the concealer you have just put on. Then with a shimmer white shadow apply this on the centre lid.

Step 4:

With a matte red eyeshadow you want to blend this right in the crease to help blend the lid into the crease. With a white highlighter you want to apply this on the centre of the lid, brow bone and inner corner.

Step 5:

With the crease colours you want to blend this onto the lower lash line also.

Step 6:

Now with some eyeliner you want to draw a wing on your eye.

Step 7:

With a white gel liner apply this into the waterline.

Step 8:

Now to finish off the eyes apply some mascara and false lashes.



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    11 months ago

    Very pretty! Perfect for festivals and concerts