Ready to Bzzz!! Egg Box Bees

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Hi everybody,

In this I'ble I will show you how to make bees out of egg boxes.

This is a wonderful activity I have with my sons. They enjoyed it a rainy afternoon!


Step 1: Collect Material

To make those bees you will need:

- egg box

- metal wires recovered with fabric (sorry I don't know how to describe it, neither if it has a real name...)

- eyes (optional as you can paint them)

- paint (mainly yellow and black)

Step 2: Prepare the Wings and Legs

I have wires in 3 colors. I will use the blue ones for the wings, the black ones for the legs and the Brown ones for the antennas.

Wings: fairly easy, take the wires and make a 8 with it. You are done

Legs: cut the wires to have the appropriate length for the legs

Antennas: Cut the Brown wire in small length

Once done, let's start the body of our bugs

Step 3: Body of the Bees

Take your egg box and cut it into 2 cells pieces. Those 2 cells pièces will be the bodies of our bees.

Paint it in yellow with black strings.

Ready to mount the bees!

Step 4: Mounting

Take your wires and bodies and be ready for the final assembly.

With a sharp knife or a small srewdriver, make 2 holes for the antennas. Put the Brown wires into the holes and glue them with hot glue.

Take the wings. Put a spot of hot glue between the 2 cells of the body and place the center of the 8 shape on it.

Make a U shape with the black wires and glue them Inside each cell to obtain the legs of our bees.

Paint or glue the eyes.

You're done.

Step 5: Bzzzzzzz!

Ready to bzzzzzzzzzz.!

Thanks for reading.



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    1 year ago

    Egg box is a great material for upcycling projects.