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This is the perfect project for every plant lover, as well as for that person who wants to commemorate his first hotrod.  This project is almost sure to give you a conversation starter, while at the same time creating an attractive centerpiece.

Step 1: Materials

The materials include:  
   Hot Glue Gun  
   License Plate

Step 2: Tracing and Cutting

First of all, draw two horizontal lines. One of the lines should be drawn 1 1/4 in. from the top of the license plate, and the other should be drawn the same distance from the bottom.  Next, you should vertically align the ruler with the edge of each letter(and symbol).  Now, you should draw a line (along the edge of the ruler), as shown in one of the pictures above.  There should be no lines in between the first two horizontal lines you drew.  Next, snip along each of the vertical lines, as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Folding and Gluing

Fold as shown above and crimp the top folds with the pliers.  Next, roll the folded license plate into a cylinder, and, using hot glue, seal off, from the inside, where the two edges meet. 

Step 4: Making the Planter Liner

  Frosting Container

All you need to do is turn the container upside down and make two small drainage slits in the bottom.  Now place your plant in your planter, and, if it is to be used indoors, set it on a dish to catch any drainage.  Thanks for reading.  Enjoy your planter!  (By the way, if it happens that you aren't a plant person, you can use this project as a cup holder instead.) 

If I were to win the Epilog Challenge, my brothers and I would use the Zing Laser Cutter to create intricate puzzle boxes, silhouette art, and custom gifts.  For us, the laser cutter would open a door of endless creative possibilities.



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    11 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I just got my car re-registered after moving to a new state. I'm totally going to try this with my old plates!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    In New Zealand plates are not replaced and do belong to Land Transport. So you'd need plates dating from the 1950s when continuous registration started.

    My car wears original white-on-black plates dating from 1973.

    1 reply

    I called the Pierce County Assessor's Office in the Great, Green, Glorious State of Washington, and they said that the license plates belong to the purchaser, not the state, so there would be no problem using them for a craft project. She did recommend removing the tabs first.

    Since they periodically require us to replace our plates, and we use front and rear plate, I have a few pairs. I'm not much of a gardener, but I was thinking that this would make a nice container for silk flowers even.

    Suzanne in Orting, WA


    Kicking myself that I didn't pick up a stack of these at an estate sale two weeks ago!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Although I do not have the right tool to do that, that sounds like a great idea!


    5 years ago

    May I recommend riveting the junctions. I think it would accent the planter and hold better then the melt glue.


    5 years ago

    Like that!

    Thanks! Actually I planted a plant in a frosting container(the kind you get from Walmart) with slits in the bottom, and placed that in the planter. I used the hole in the bottom of the planter as a drain hole. You should plan to place the planter on a dish if used on a surface that needs protection. Sorry I didn't explain that in the instructable. I'll plan to write another step.


    5 years ago

    I really like that. ( although the state would probably frown on that because the plates are "their property").