Repurposed Pool Table Light Bar Light

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Just a quick write up of how I repurposed a pool table light into a bar top light.

Step 1: Scrolling Around on LetGo

One evening scrolling around on LetGo I came across this pool table light.

Looked awesome but I do not own a pool table so my mind started running of uses or how I could use it.

Guy was asking 50 I picked up at 40.

If all else failed I could have used it as a shop light in the garage.

Step 2: What I Was Up Against

The bottom of the light was uncovered common as they normally sit closer to a pool table and not may people would be looking up at the bulbs.

so I ran to Home Depot and picked up this light shade.

I did not take a good picture here but the ends have a nice lip so i was able to cut the light shade to fit using snips and it was strong enough to hold itself in the middle worked great.

Step 3: With the Shade Installed

here is a good picture of the shade installed.

Step 4: Hanging and Wiring

In the ceiling I just measured off the wall to the center of my bar.

Found my studs.

Installed the screw hooks as pictured.

for me wiring was a breeze. With already having a light fixture up and wired to a switch all I did was tap into it.

I still have some flexibility with height moving the chain around but all and all I'm pleased with the out come and finished product.

I will change the bulbs to a lower kelvin as right now they are much brighter/bluer than the rest of the room.

As I said just a quick write up to show you can always repurpose items even if not for what it was intended for.

happy to help or answer any questions.



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