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In this Instructables, you'll learn how to build a rubber band powered 3d printed rocket.The Rocket is designed usingTinkercad

If you've never used Tinkercad before,read through Jonathan Odom's free EASY 3D PRINTING CLASS.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Tube Design

Open up a new 3d design in Tinkercad,

For building the tube, the shape we need to create is a simple cylinder.

  • Drag a Cylinder into the Tinkercad workplace
  • Adjust width and depth to 15 mm by clicking the white corner
  • Adjust the height of body tube to 80 mm
  • Make a copy of above cylinder and make it hollow, adjust width and depth to 13 mm

Step 2: Fins Design

  • Drag a Pyramid into Tinkercad Workplace
  • Adjust width into 34 mm
  • Adjust height into 31 mm
  • Adjust depth into 1 mm
  • Make a copy of above part and rotate it by 90 degree

Step 3: Nose Design

  • Drag a Cone into Tinkercad workplace
  • Adjust it's width and depth to 15 mm
  • Adjust height to 15 mm
  • Drag nose to a height of 80 mm

Step 4: Hook Design

  • Drag one more Pyramid to the workplace
  • Adjust depth to 1 mm
  • Adjust width and height to 5 mm and 15 mm respectively.
  • Drag it to height of 65 mm

Step 5: Watch Video!

The below video shows Tinkercad design of this project

Step 6: 3D Printing!

Export the design as .STL file to prepare for printing.

3D file is available at

Step 7: Making Rocket From Scratch

Since I don't have access to a 3d printer,I could not upload the 3d printed part image.


I am a Maker

So I have made a rocket from scratch.I used an old pen's tube and foam boards to build this.I used foam board to build both fins and hook.

  • Cover Pen tube with insulation tape

  • Glue fins and hook by using hot glue gun

  • Use rubber bands for launching

Step 8: Final Look

Step 9: Launching!




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    Reply 9 months ago

    hello rebeltaz,

    I checked your rubber band powered rocket design on thingiverse , The design is far better than mine ,

    I've liked your design on Thingiverse .