SAKE COFFEE (without Water & Non-alc)



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Since I have made a unique coffee dripper and sake vessels made out of 0.1mm wood shavings on my Instractables, I came up with an idea. “What if I make coffee not with water but with sake?” The reason why I came to the idea is I took a cue from a Japanese method of cooking called “nikiri”, which means burning off alcohol. Nikiri is used when making nikiri soy source, which has been used in most of the famous sushi restaurants as own their original recipe. Sake contains umami that plays an important role with nikiri so that I tried making coffee to make use of it.

Step 1: Ingredients

There are so many different types and variations of sake exist. This time I chose junmai-shu (14.5% alcohol volume) that is pure rice sake, no adding of distilled alcohol. I prepared two types of coffee, drip coffee and instant coffee.

Step 2: Nikiri

The process of nikiri is as follows:

1.Boil sake in a kettle.

2.Set fire when sake gets hot enough.

3.Leave the stove on until the flame goes out.

4.Once the flame goes out, nikiri is all done.

(It has taken about 8 minutes to burn off alcohol of 300ml sake this time. I don't have an alcohol concentration meter, so I have no clue how much it's left in it, but it's normally said that once a flame goes out, that means alcohol is cut off nearly 0%. This Instructables is not based on scientific verification. Please keep it in mind.)

5.After nikiri is complete, you can dilute it with water if you like.

*If you try nikiri, please remember to use extreme caution in handling fire.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Make coffee with nikiri sake! You can sense the sweetness and umami of sake in it. Of course, you can make it with hard liquor such as vodka and tequila as well.



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