Shou Sugi Ban Coffee Cup

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Some of you may have heard about "yakisugi (shou sugi ban)", which is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation used house siding. Recently, I found out an interesting way to take advantage of yakisugi for other purposes. The interesting attempt is to make a yakisugi coffee cup. I felt roasting beans has something in common with yakisugi, so I would like to see how to affect the taste and flavor. It might have a similar effect to wine and whiskey charred barrels.

Step 1: Burn

I used a portable gas torch for yakisugi. This time I used a cup made from not sugi (Japanese cedar) but hinoki (Japanese cypress). After done yakisugi, I applied urushi (Japanese lacquer) outside of the cup in order to make it practical.

Step 2: Two Cups (Light & Dark Roast)

A cup to the right is light roast and the color is brown, on the other hand, a cup to the left is dark roast and color is black. It is like coffee beans roasting. There could be a possibility to make difference of the taste and flavor.

Step 3: Tasting

I have poor sense of taste, but I think the both tastes are not bad at all and I felt much better than drinking with a normal cup. If you're interested, please try it!



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    4 Discussions


    7 months ago

    Do you know if scorching the surface improves the ability for wood to handle heat??


    1 reply

    I can't find data for that, but it's said yakisugi is more fire resistant than untreated wood.


    Question 11 months ago

    Where have You found those adorable little wood cups?

    1 answer