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For this instructable we'll be making a side table from reclaimed pallet wood.


Step 1: Making the First Part of the Frame

I had been collecting pallet wood for a while now, and it was about time I started making stuff from it. I actually made this a while ago and I'm working on something else, but since I like instructables and I browse this place frequently for inspiration, I thought I'd return the favor :) All this stuff is on my site as well.

I used a 90° angle to make sure everything was perpendicular.

I used 18 planks in this table, roughly 14x80cm. I cut 4 planks in half minus the thickness of the planks so I could make “L” shaped legs with even sides. And 4 in half to make the support for the bottom shelf and table top. First I measured the legs, then sawed them, then clamped them, pre-drilled pilot holes to prevent the wood from splitting, remove the clamps, add glue, clamp them again, put screws in, remove the excess glue and leave to dry.

Then I made the 2 sides by repeating that same process to add the support planks. I made 2 sides like this, then connected those with shorter side beams/planks.

Step 2: Putting the Tabletop and Bottom In

I ended up first adding an additional support beam in the center of both the bottom and the top before I put the slabs on. Well.... slabs... I made the frame to size so that a certain size of pallet boards would fit right in there. It was mostly a matter of finding the nicest boards to put there afterwards.

So I took the nicest boards, cleaned the edges a bit, glued them up and clamped them down. I had to put some weight on the bottom to prevent the boards from bending/curving. I repeated these steps for the top.

Step 3: Fully Assembled and Sanded.

All that's left now is to paint it. Oil coat or paint? I chose paint because I had it. Once painted, I put it to use inside the house.

That's all for this project. Hope you guys like it.



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Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for the comment man. I went through your instructables just now, and the workbench you made for your son was actually one of the first inspirations to start doing this when I found instructables. Thumbs up.


3 years ago

That'ts a beautiful looking table! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

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Reply 3 years ago

Thank you. Glad to be here. Nice to see there are fellow divers here as well :)