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Yes the eye will follow you around like a creepy painting; this was sparked by a dragon paper craft I saw in which the head of the dragon would appear to follow you no matter how you moved it would follow. I have replicated that with my slime monsters eye and I will be showing you how I did it. In order to do this included the blank model and the finished model so you can create you own monster with or without the follow eye. Please leave feed back and enjoy. I also made a video to show the following eye in action.

Also please comment if you have questions. 



Step 1: Designing the Monster

I had made a blank model that i have been using to create little paper craft dolls for a little while so i thought it would be okay for me to use it. I drew the tentacles with with a cyan color then used the pen tool to make the line art as you can see i did three and just made a mirrored 3 for both sides. you don't have to use the tentacles you can create arms for this your self by sketching then using the pen tool.

Step 2: Coloring and Features

Using the magic wand tool I select the inside and used a green I liked to fill it with the paint bucket tool. Then I created a new layer and began to sketch out the features on the face with a cyan color. Afterwards, I take the pen tool to create the line art and colored them.

Step 3: Eye

First I created the texture to the eye, But i had to remove it in order to fit cone in there. The cone shape is important it's angle allows for an optical illusion, but by it's self it will not really work it needs to be behind something. I can't show how i made the cone because I had a friend help me make it because he had 3-d software and I didn't but then we slapped it in to pepakura and we had are eye.

Step 4: Putting the Monster Together

first cut it out using any tool you want.
It can be tricky when gluing this together I recommend gluing the eye together then the little tabs on the monster, but not the big tabs and then slipping the eye in and gluing it down then finish up by gluing the big tab and closing up the shape. There are three lines on the side of the monster that is for the arms you can cut into them and slide the arm in and glue it but it is really hard so I glued them to the outside by putting them on the edge of the line.

And that's all folks 

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    Hi the slime monster is good but could you draw the eye smaler, i made one and drew a smaler eye whith felt tip pens and it works better

    Slime Monster With Following Eye.jpgSlime Monster With Following Eye.jpg
    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    hey how did you stick the eye i mean i cant figure it out?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love the eye! The little monster is cute! Congratulations on the win! Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

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    :D me either im really proud of this and thankful for all the support people like you have given! also some new stuff is coming out and both are going to be way out there


    Answer 1 year ago

    The eye is glued into a cone shape with the largest tab, then the eye is glued to the body from the inside by putting glue on the small tabs.