Smart Shoes (Auto-lacing and Generating Electricity)




I started this project for science fair and making this project I gained experience about arduino servo and many things.And I am sure you will enjoy making this project .

Step 1: Parts Needed

Step 2: Generating Electricity

I made a acrylic base for piezo to stick on it and make sure to drill holes below every piezo else it won't generate electricity because piezo need tension and compression to generate electricity.And place piece of foam or some same type of material.

Connect all piezo elements together in parallel.

Rectifier is converting AC current into DC current.

Step 3: Auto Lacing

Used drill machine or dremel to make holes in the shoe. And zip ties to direct the laces towards the servo.

You can use different things to direct the laces but I couldn't find anything then the zip tie .

I used servo knob code you can also use different code to control servo.

You need to know the basics to code arduino pro mini or google it ; ).

Step 4: Step Counting

I used the tally counter to count steps.When you open this type of tally counter you can attach two wire to the count button's two terminal and attach a push button (But this was only by one shoe). So you will require this app I made to enter the number on counter and your weight .And the app will count average cal burned ,distance (in km) and obviously the steps.

And I didn't take picture while I was making this project because I didn't knew about instructables.

Step 5: Adding Some Led's

Here I added 3 led's in parallel with a switch and used the power bank to power it.

Pro's of smart shoes :-

1)It generates electricity so we can charge our phones.And that's very helpful while we go for trekking.

2)Auto lacing helps children who don't know how to lace and old people who have back problem.

3)Step counting helps runners and joggers.And people who are on diet too because the app shows cal burned.

4)And the light will be helpful to see in dark.

And you can always ask questions in comment section...

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Step 6: Here Is a Full WORKING VIDEO!!!!!

If you are not able to see videos on mobile application click here:-LINK

This is the link of my youtube channel



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    12 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Please let me know if anyone wants a full working video

    2 replies

    2 years ago

    Looks fantastic haha :D

    like it

    Tanmay Deuskar

    2 years ago

    This is a really cool project. Though how does the electricity generating part work?


    2 replies
    Maker_IncTanmay Deuskar

    Reply 2 years ago

    Connect all the piezo in parallel the golden part is negative terminal and white part is positive terminal and this is the circuit diagram of rectifier connect that properly and then make a base and place a piece of foam or something like that like I did and when you press that it will produce electricity.


    2 years ago

    nice project and the advantages are awesome of this project

    2 replies