Space Balls




Space Balls is a glass blown and ceramics mobile that shows the layout of our solar system. It shows our eight planets orbiting our sun.

Step 1: Materials

- 25 inch bicycle tire wheel

- fishing line with 40 pound limit

- glass blown sun

- 8 planets made from ceramics

- metal ring

- hot glue

- 8 metal rings

Step 2:

Glass blow a sun with hook on the top

Step 3:

Mold each of the eight planets into the correct shape

Step 4:

Cut them in half then hollow out center and attach back together, creating a hole in each as well

Step 5:

Fire all eight planets in kiln and wait appropriate time for cooling

Step 6:

Glaze planets in colors similar to real life

Step 7:

Re-fire all planets

Step 8:

Place hooks in each of the planets and attach with hot glue to keep them in place

Step 9:

On the bike wheel tie 8 even knots with 24 inches of fishing line around the wheel

Step 10:

Combine all pieces of fishing line together and tie into knot around the metal ring

Step 11:

Attach sun to metal ring so that it hangs in the middle of the wheel

Step 12:

Tie fishing line to each hook and tie the planets to the tire wheel in a spiral like shape so that planets close to the sun hang less than those further away



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    1 year ago

    That's a really pretty diorama :)