String Wrapped Bangles




String Wrapped Bangles are very easy to make with a few items which you may already have in your craft boxes. This way you can turn your old and unused bangles to something new and colorful. So lets get started .

Step 1: Items Required

1) Bangles - any size

2) Embroidery Floss - different colors

3) Jump rings - different sizes

4) Charms

5) Fabric glue or E6000 glue

6) Scissors and Pliers

Step 2: Wrap It Up !!!

1) Take a bangle and apply the glue (E6000 or fabric glue) on the top of the bangle covering a small area.

2) Then place the end of the embroidery floss on the glue and start wrapping tightly around the bangle till the place where the glue is present.

3) Keep applying glue little by little and wrapping the embroidery floss on the bangle.

4) Continue wrapping until you have reached the end, trim off the excess floss and add a dab of glue onto the bangle and finish wrapping.

5) For two colors, wrap the first color completely and add the other color in patches.

6) Then add the jump rings and charms as desired.

String Wrapped Banglesare ready to be worn now.


* When wrapping the floss, wrap it tightly and each strand should be close to each other but not overlapping.

* Apply glue little by little on the top of the bangle through out the bangle. If not glued it may move showing up gaps in between.

* I did not cut the embroidery floss from the spool as it was convenient to wrap with the spool and also I will not be short of embroidery floss.

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    3 years ago

    Looks great! I like that you added jump rings even without charms, just to make the bangle more interesting. :)

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