Super Hero City Kid Room




We decided to spruce up our son's room with a superhero twist. The goal was to make a display type space where he could play, but also give some of his toys a home when not in use. After pondering on the many things we could do, we decided to make his wall into a super hero sky line.

To do this, we needed a few things:

  • Scrap wood for shelves
  • Saw, drill, screws to build simple shelves.
  • paint - We choose to go dark with black paint
  • paint supplies - brush, opener, drop cloth
  • Projector to put image onto the wall (our if you're crafty, do it by hand.
  • image to project onto the wall


Step 1: Project the Image Onto the Walls

I hooked an iPad to our projector and projected an image from Google onto the wall. I just searched for Gotham City skyline.

Step 2: Tape Off the City Outline

I used blue painters tape and even some regular masking tape to outline the projected image.

Step 3: Paint and Let Dry

I then began painting the lower half of the wall with black paint. After the paint dried, I removed the tape and moved down to continue the city further down the wall.

Step 4: Build Shelves

I then took some scrap wood and cut it to desired length. Most of mine were around 6 inches. For each shelf, I made a flat "top" and screwed these down to a "base", just making an "L" shape, when viewed from the side. I just screwed the top into the base with two dry wall screws.

Step 5: Mount Shelves to Wall

I then took these shelves and screwed them into the wall with a single screw into a stud. These won't hold much weight at all. A stud finder can help locate the studs much easier.

Step 6: Paint Shelves to Match

I painted the shelves to match the city, so they were barely visible.

Step 7: Decorate

After the paint dried, we placed heroes and villains around the room. They are now ready to spring into action!



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    1 year ago

    Wow snackattacker! that is so fun! nice idea projecting the image for the stencil.