Tandoori Broccoli(Baked Broccoli)




-Tandoori broccoli is one of the spicy finger licking food . By Marinating florets with yoghurt and all spices makes it yummy with rich flavour and nice taste.

-As we are using very little oil for baking it is healthy too.


-20 broccoli florets

-one cup thick yoghurt or( greek yoghurt)

-Any cooking oil.

-Grated cheese


- 1tbsp Red chilli powder

- 1tbsp coriander powder

- 1tbsp Tandoori masala

- 1tsp Garam masala



Step 1: Preparing Thick Curd:

-If you dont have thick yoghurt you can prepare thick yoghurt by removing the whey.

-Take normal yoghurt in muslin cloth and hang over for 30 minutes.

-After 30 minutes you can see all whey is removed and you will get thick yoghurt

Step 2: Boiling Florets:

-Take broccoli florets and add to warm water and just boil for 4 minutes.

-strain the water from florets and cool them

(1 cup thick yoghurt is enough for 20 florets)

Step 3: Marinating:

-Now take thick yoghurt in bowl add grated cheese and all spices, turmeric,red chilli powder,coriander powder

Step 4: Add Remaining Spices:

-Add garam masala,tandoori masala, salt and mix every thing.

Step 5: Add Florets:

-Add florets and a tsp oil and mix everything so that florets are nicely blended with yoghurt and all spices.

-Marinate for 1hr

Step 6: Baking

-After 1 hr you can see florets absorb the yoghurt and thick texture is seen.

-place the florets on the wire rack and bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

-when you see entire coating is absorbed by florets and light color change you can remove them.

-serve with salad and lime juice. For extra spicy sprinkle chat masala powder.



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navneethagritter 1979

Reply 2 years ago

ya it is 400 degree fahrenheit and in celsius 200 degree.


Reply 2 years ago

thank you wold630.You try and let me know how it tasted.:)