The Tactical Pack




Are you ever having trouble with carrying your camping supplies? To solve your problem, I have invented The Tactical pack. The Tactical Pack is a double layer backpack with water and needed camping supplies.


Step 1: Make the Attachments

Now for the first step, you'll need to get your supplies:

  • a clear bendable tube (or long straw)
  • a water bottle or two
  • electrical tape (or any water sealing tape)
  • a knife (or nail)
  • any needed camping supplies ( Knives, matches, lighter, fishing supplies, etc.)

Once you have this, take one water bottle and screw the cap on. Take the knife or nail cut and a hole in the cap. After you have done this, get your tube and put it on the top of the bottle and wrap it around with the tape.

Step 2: Put the Supplies In

For the last step, you will need all your supplies to go in the pack. Once your supplies are in, you can take it on a hike, trip or even a run. Thank you for reading and please vote!



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    2 Discussions


    12 months ago

    Nice bag to go on a hike! Make sure the tube reaches the bottom of the bottle so you can drink every drop of water. And if you tape just the cap and the tube, you can switch the bottle.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    12 months ago

    A pack like this can make all the difference on a long hike.