Tool Belt From Plastic Bottle




Here's an endlessly cheap solution to carrying screwdrivers and screws when you're up steps or ladders.

You can modify a collection of these in different ways for different tools.

You need:

A plastic bottle
A bandsaw, ideally, but strong scissors will do
A drill or something to pierce holes

Cut an opening in the side of the bottle as shown.  You can mark this first with a felt pen if you are unsure of the position.

Screws go in the base and one or two screwdrivers go in the holes in the top and project into the handle to keep them steady.  You could even tie the handles to the bottle handle if you are working in an area where you wouldn't want to drop them, over a pigsty for example.




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    3 Discussions

    Graham Lane

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great for gardening. Simply put your seeds or compost in and Robert est votre oncle.

    Great for painting. One for the paint and one for the brush, side by side.

    Great for cooking. One for salt and one for sugar.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have found cut plastic bottle edges to be hard and sharp. Use some sandpaper to smooth and round off or cover with duct tape.

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