ULTIMATE Survival Kit




About: I am an 13 year old Indian boy.i live in a village in west Bengal. i love to make new thing. i have no friend in my village and school.i love fire.my hobby is making weapon.i love hunting

a survival kit contents many useful things.

Step 1: DETAILS-

this survival box content a fishing kit,paracord,smoke flare,Swiss knife,cottons,bandage,hand made waterproof storage tube.

Step 2: Making Mini Fishing Kit

this is useful thing in survival box. To make this you will need 8 feet long fishing line,2 fishing hook(any size),floater,a empty box of mint.

Take the fishing line and attach the hook at the end of the line and attach the floater like the picture.
twist the line around the floater like the picture

place it in the box

Step 3: Water Proof Storage Tube

take a plastic pen .open the tip. Take ink tube out. And seal the hole with epoxy glue. Now the pen is ready to store match sticks.

Step 4: Paracord Storage.

take paracord and a empty box of mint. Open the cap and place the paracord. And close the cap. This is ready.

Step 5: Mini Smoke Flare.

take a small tube and seal one side. Mix 60% potassium nitrate ( stump remover) with 40% powdered suger and mix them and pour the powder in the tube attach a fuse. In a picture I demonstrated the power of smoke flare.

Step 6: Putting Tools

take an air tight box and place the fishing kit, Paracord storage,water proof tubes,smoke flare,swiss knife,bandage,Cotton. The ultimate survival box ready.




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