DIY GoPro Clip and Stand




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Create a simple yet extremely versatile GoPro clip/stand mount using nothing but a bulldog/binder clip!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is your GoPro or action camera and a bulldog clip. Most size clips will work.

Step 2: Remove an Arm

Gently squeeze a single arm and wiggle it out of the body of the clip.

Step 3: Thread the Arm

Slowly line up the edge of the arm and the hole. Carefully thread the arm through both holes. Some clips will perfectly slide through the GoPro mount while others you may have to rotate and squeeze to fit through both holes.

Then reattach the arm to the body and your mount is finished!

Step 4: Get Creative!

Go out there and get shooting! Mount your clip to ropes, wires, fences, backpacks or hats. Use your stand to do some awesome time lapses or glue a 1/4 nut to the clip and mount on a tripod. The possibilities are endless!



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2 years ago

Isn't the camera upside-down in the second picture above?

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

Yes however GoPro cameras have the ability to rotate footage automatically.