Wall-E Made From Materials Found Around the House!




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This adorable Wall-E was made by me using materials found around my home!

I decided to make it one lazy morning using things that were going into the trash like old boxes, parts of plastic bottles, old film and scraps of cardboard.


Step 1: Materials

This is a list of the materials I used:

  • Thin metal sheet (it was easily cuttable with scissors)
  • Scrap cardboard boxes
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • The back plate of an old motherboard
  • plastic bottles and bottle caps
  • old film reel
  • packaging foam

Step 2: Assembling the Parts


  • Neck of 2 plastic bottles is cut, and glued to the bottle caps, this makes the eyes;
  • eyes are glued on the head, made of cardboard. A thin strip of cardboard adds some more detail to the head.
  • Neck is the plastic case of pencil leads, cut into 2 pieces


  • body is a square box, with colour matching the Wall-E colours;
  • the front plate of a PC motherboard adds some detail to the front


  • hand is very thin metal sheet, cuttable with scissors; this is glued to a cardboard tube.
  • The cardboard tube is inserted into a slightly bigger cardboard tube, so hand can move, and rotate;
  • the upper part of the arm is made from another cardboard box, with colour matching the Wall-E colours
  • Arm are the hot-glued to the body


  • Recovered old film reel was the perfect material for recreating the look of tank treads; they are supported by cardboard and slices of packing foam cylinder.

See also the comments on the image.

All parts are assembled with hot glue gun.

Have fun!



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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Nice how you made him out of trash materials, the irony in this project is that Wall-e is a waste collecting robot who scavenges through discarded items and collects anything usable or interesting :) He turned out great, well done!


    1 year ago

    Wall-E! I knew he would come out on Instructables! He's like the Instructable's robot's cousin! Good job!