Wolverine Claws Through the Wall




Want to make it look like Wolverine just slashed through your wall? Now you can for less than 10 dollars!!


Craft foam sheets (2X)

Paperclips (12X)

Super Glue

Chrome Spray Paint


Printer and computer


Step 1: Cut and Glue

You're going to need to start by cutting out 12 foam Claws. As you see in picture 1 make the Claws 1 inch tall and 9 inches wide. After cutting out all 12, unbend a paper clip and tape it on 6 of the Claws. This paper clip will keep the Claws from bending on your wall. Now use super glue and put the Claws together. As you see I'm picture 4 just glue two together and have the paperclip inside it. After the glue is dry cut the excess foam so each full claw is even, make sure all your Claws are the same length.

Step 2: Paint and Attach

Paint all of your Claws with chrome spray paint, be sure to paint both sides of it. Next cut small stripes the side of paperclips out of cardboard, have them be a few inches tall. Now unbend 6 more paperclips and glue the bases to your cardboard stripes. Then glue the ends of your base paperclips into the backs of the Claws. As you see in picture 5 that is how your 6 Claws should look with the bases and paperclips.

Step 3: Print and Put on Wall

I created the two slash marking images, just download the first two pictures here. Print them in Microsoft word, be sure to have them set at 6.75 inches of width on Microsoft Word. The one claw marks are longer than the other. Next cut the slashes out and then cut a split down the middle of one end as shown in picture 3. Now tape your claw on the wall. And then put tape on the back of your slash mark and place it over the cardboard, the split end will go over the paper clip holding the claw. That way it looks like the claw is coming through the slash.

Step 4: Finish

Now you can have Wolverine cut through any wall of your house! Enjoy and thanks for looking!



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12 Discussions


3 years ago

Great! (and woooaaaoow, the venom trophy!! <3 )


4 years ago on Introduction

Even though i don't like the wolverine, this is really cool. :)


4 years ago on Introduction

or make just one set of 4 blades, for a Nightmare on Elm St. halloween decoration!


4 years ago on Introduction

So cool...need to try this on my wall! :D


4 years ago

neat like the shield in the wall