Wrist Watch - Leather Band




About: I prefer to make my own things whenever possible.

I bought a nice Seiko watch and wanted to make my own leather band.

I had an old Army leather glove from the 1980's and this made the perfect leather donor.

I also had an old buckle from my Timex triathlon watch.

Step 1: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure your wrists and subtract the width of the watch.

Allow some extra length to fold over the buckle and also to fold over each pin, I left about a 1/2" for each pin and for the buckle.

So, measure your wrist, subtract the width of the watch and add 1" for sewing purposes.

Cut two strips of leather, one for each side of the band, don't forget to also cut a small piece of leather to use as a holding band for the tip (see the piece of leather my finger is pointing to in the second picture.)

After you create a small pocket at each end of the the leather strips, create one more for the buckle (see where my fingers are pointing to in the third picture)

Step 2: Enjoy

Enjoy your home made watchband and feel proud of your accomplishment.



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