Yummy Baked Bites




Why should your pizza always be flat, huge and hence meant to be shared! Here are mini pizzas or soup buns or mini buns which are just right to be entirely put in your mouth and taste it to the fullest! these are fast to prepare and the kids are going to love them..


Step 1: Preparing Veggies

I took soup buns or mini buns- 6

olive oil, cheese,
onion-1 ,capsicum- half,tomatoes-1,, all finely chopped
and sweet corn(two tbsp) or any other vegetable of your choice could be added.

Jalapenos and olives could also be chopped and added

Step 2: Preparing Buns

take buns and cut its top and scoop them out.

coatt the base of buns in olive oil or butter.

Step 3: Final Assembly and Baking

to the chopped veggies, add oregano (one fourth tsp),red chilli falkes(one fourth tsp),red chilli powder(Half tsp),salt(one tsp),ketchup(two tbsp),red chilli sauce(half tsp) vinegar(one tsp)
and fill these in buns. Top It up with Grated mozarella cheese ,jalepeno and olives..

and bake them in convection mode on 250 Degree for 9-10 mins.

Finally top it up with oregano and chilli flakes. And now its ready to enjoy!



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