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This is more of a show than a tell, but I'm proud of it regardless!

I have a really, really tiny kitchen. My only workspace is a wooden kitchen cart from Ikea, which is maybe 1 1/2 feet by 3 feet. Because I do most of my documenting in that corner, I needed a good way to keep the countertop clear but keep my tools nearby.

So I decided to give myself a present! :D

I had a leftover 2x4 pegboard from my craft fair display that I decided to utilize for hanging storage. I thought at first that I might need to cut the pegboard down to size, but it fit perfectly!

I had Tyler help me hold it up while I marked the corner holes on the pegboard on the wall. I just eyeballed it because I was too impatient to get the level or measure. :P The hook kit I bought for the pegboard came with plastic spacers to go behind the board and make it easier for you to insert and remove the pegs, so I hung it using those.

I was able to get so much large stuff out of the drawers in the cart and onto the pegboard, as well as my nicest sets of measuring cups and spoons. I'm already so happy about not having to dig through the drawers constantly. I was also able to free up one of the drawers for cookbooks and notebooks, which means I may not lose my notes as often!

I wish I would have done this two years ago. :)




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    5 years ago

    Amazing work Jessy. You got my vote!! ;)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Even though I don't like hanging stuf out in the open (less often used stuff tends to get dirty IMO) I must admit that this is a pretty cool idea.

    This is just awesome :), And many happy returns of the wonderful day because of which Instructable has got such an awesome person :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! Thats awesome! You did a great job, thanks for sharing - voted! :-)