Lightbulb Shelf



About: about what?

I had an idea but my bulb didn't light up so I had to fix that!


Step 1: Select Your Wood

I started out with 7" x 1/2 pine board and cut all the pieces I needed the back of the shelf I cut at 21" and the top was cut at 23" to give it 1" overhang on both sides the angle braces were scrap pieces cut to match

Step 2: Distressing the Wood

I used my sawzall to rough up the wood and make it look old and ragged by dragging the blade on its side then I cut fake cracks on the edges as well as the tip of the saw to gouge it to simulate bug holes

Step 3: Glue and Nail It Together

self explanatory

Step 4: Light Hooks

first off you need to break the center of the bulb. I did this by first grinding off the center contact then chipping out the black glass. after that I broke out the center that holds the filament and pulled it out. be careful and wear gloves and eye protection I didn't wear gloves but that's me. you are responsible for your own safety!

Step 5: Filling

I used 5min epoxy. I suggest a longer cure time so you don't have to rush I just mixed it in the bulb then inserted my 1" lag bolt and I had problems with bubbles but it still worked

Step 6: Lighting

I tore apart some Walmart $1.00 solar lights

Step 7: Setting the Light in the Bulb

I drilled a hole at an angle next to the hole for the lightbulb hanger and inserted the led from the back

Step 8: Carving and Wiring

I carved the back to accept the solar unit then hotglued it in and I extended the wires for the solar panel

Step 9: It Works!

I have to finish the other side but it works!



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